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Just Another Social Monitoring Tool?

Not just another social media monitoring tool I’m writing this post on an iPhone whilst watching Arsenal trail 2-1 to Stoke, a testament to the interconnected world we inhabit today. A world where we can interact w/ our networks from virtually anywhere, a world where the old constraints of modems…

Social Media Monitoring and Response Tool – YackSocial

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Yack Social I’m pleased to announce the fruit of a little recent xmas obsession. A social monitoring tool for those who are scared by huge datasets ;0) I think it’s pretty cool, it lets you listen, monitor, respond and report. It doesn’t go out and…

SEO isnt dead, it just evolved a little

The online space never stands still – keep raising the bar The great thing about online marketing is that it never sit stills it’s constantly evolving, constantly shifting. Today’s billy big bollox is often tommorrows has been. Sites that don’t step up are often swept away in whatever algorithmic or…

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