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Closing Social Monitor Tool @yacksocial

Closing Social Monitor Tool @yacksocial

This is just a short post to announce that I’ll be shutting down the social media monitoring tool yacksocial that I created back in Feb 2010.

I’d like to thank all those who supported the effort and apologise if you’d grown to like it/use it.

My reasons are two fold.

One, I don’t have the time to recode it to work w/ oAuth which twitter will be implementing across the board for all twitter apps soon.

Two, I don’t have the desire or inclination to push it where it needs to go. I kind of lost interest in it when I left my previous employer.

Whilst projects like this need that initial pow, boom etc,  they can’t be sustained on enthusiasm alone.  They need like minded collaborators, a team, a marketing plan, push, desire, support and a budget.

If anyone is interested in the software, ( go and try it out, it’s freemium) do please send me an email – best offer gets the code.

Don’t ask me what I want for it, or insult me either. You’ll need to understand PHP and be able to upgrade the current basic auth to oAuth for twitter, else put simply, it won’t work. I should add too that it’s not a finished item, is a work in progress but it’s a good start for any company looking to have a tool in the space.

I’ll keep it up for a month from today, but then it goes.


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One thought on “Closing Social Monitor Tool @yacksocial

  1. Marketing Support

    Rob, It’s better to have tried than to have never tried at all!

    It’s all about learning and i’m sure you’ve learnt loads from this… all the best with the next project!!

    I’m had clients (even myself) in the past where the idea was brilliant but implementation was much more difficult than first anticipated.

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