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Social Media Advice, Strategy and Consultancy

Looking for Social Media Business Advice?

Look no more.

Do you ever consider the ROI of your Social Media Strategy?  Are you struggling to see where it is in Social? Do you have a social media strategy?

Yack Yack can show you the potential problems and lost opportunities that can stem from a failure to invest in a joined up social approach.

If your company is struggling to understand the importance of an integrated Social Media Strategy then we can help.

An understanding of the synergies of SEO and PR, PPC and the importance of a holistic approach to your online marketing efforts is crucial.

Maybe you get some of  it but not all. Perhaps you are stuck in a CRM or Marketing Silo and know it’s useful but don’t yet appreciate how it can complement your SEO or your business relationships.

Maybe you have a budget that simply doesn’t cater for things that don’t appear to offer measurable, trackable ROI.

Perhaps you are a CEO looking to draw a few strands together having saw a spectacular brand fail or two.

We understand which pieces of the Internet impact on others and why.We take a listening approach that utilises the influencers and sets out a strategy that harnesses the strength of who you are, aligned with what you’ve got and where it is you want to go.

We won’t spin you any nonsense on what you need to get you there;  we can hold your hand all the way or give you a bump in the right direction.  We won’t advise you on a singular  strategy – We’ll create a plan that fits you or your organisation. We’ll listen to what it is you have to say and test how that’s perceived.  We’ll show you why social media is important, and show the potential disasters that can unfurl should you choose not to engage in it.

Ignore any company that says they’ll “do your social media” because without you it’s likely to be very little at all – the key to any successful marketing strategy is conversations and the creation and engagement within them, we can show you how you can make the most of your strengths.

We use the best tools out there and have a strong pedigree in the space; having worked with a range of big brands and smaller ones in multiple verticals we have an excellent understanding of most web technologies having worked with some of the best in the business.

We can help you with:

  • Social Media Account Management and set up
  • Attendance at conferences  important to your business
  • Monitoring your niche for brand and keyword mentions
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social PR
  • Cross Channel Promotion

Ps. For the marketing DIY enthusiasts we have a range of products that can help you drive your business forward –  maybe you need a   manual link report to identify potential problems with your link profile , or an seo site review to unify your thinking and know you’re on the right track , or a content marketing module to give your creativity a kickstart and finally there’s a full audit and strategy report to give you that full on perspective.

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