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SEO Services For Kent – Folkestone and Surrounding Areas

 SEO Services – Folkestone and Surrounding Areas

Yack Yack offer a range of quality  SEO Consultancy   services for businesses in Kent designed to deliver improvements for your organisation online. In addition to Folkestone, we cover most parts of Kent; including Maidstone, Dover and Tenterden

If you have a website that is underperforming then we  can help you improve your website’s performance in search engines.

We won’t confuse with a myriad of packages or options. We’ll look at your business and provide you with honest actionable insights tailored for your business.

Yack Yack is run by Rob Watts – Rob has over 20 years experience working with all manner of companies; Blue Chip, SME’s and Sole traders looking to improve their presence on search engines and social media online.

If you are burning cash on PPC traffic and would you like to improve your organic rankings in the search engines, then we can help you attain increased traffic for the keywords that are important to you.

For the marketing DIY enthusiasts we have a range of products that can help you drive your business forward –  maybe you need a   manual link report to identify potential problems with your link profile , or an seo site review to unify your thinking and know you’re on the right track , or a content marketing module to give your creativity a kickstart and finally there’s a full audit and strategy report to give you that full on perspective.

If you find yourself asking “Why have my rankings dropped?” or “How can I remove a Google penalty on my site?” or “Why doesn’t my web site appear on the first page of Google?“, then we may be able to help you figure it out and provide you with a strategic way forward.

If you need to improve your presence locally, then we can help you to do so.

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