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SEO Consultancy Services in Kent, East Sussex and London

 SEO Consultancy Services

Yack Yack offer a range of quality  SEO Consultancy  services for businesses in Kent, East Sussex and London designed to deliver improvements for your organisation online.

If you have a website that is underperforming then we  can help you improve your website’s performance.

We won’t confuse with a myriad of packages or options. We’ll look at your business and provide you with actionable insights tailored for your business.

Yack Yack is run by Rob Watts – Rob has 20 years experience working with search engines and companies looking to improve their performance online. Read Testimonials

If you are burning cash on PPC traffic and would you like to improve your organic rankings in the search engines, then we can help you attain increased traffic for the keywords that are important to you.


SEO Services

Onsite SEO– We’ll work you and your team to look at factors that affect your website’s ability to rank and help you to understand its performance

  • Site Structure – Is your site up to the job
  • Server Configuration – Is it on a solid platform
  • Keyword Selection – are you targeting the right opportunities
  • Content Strategy – Will your content perform and generate new leads
  • Defensive SEO – are your competitors attacking you online

Off site SEO – Your offsite SEO is an integral part of your site’s ability to perform we can help you with

  • Link Profile Cleaning – Has your link profile been poisoned by poor past decisions
  • Strategic Advice – What should you be doing and why
  • Link Building – Solid advice and guidance


Social Media Services

  • Strategy – What are you doing, what are the right ways
  • Social Media Monitoring – Who is talking about you, what are they saying
  • Reputation Management – How can you ensure that your brand is seen in the best light
  • PR – Creating positive brand messaging

If you find yourself asking why have your rankings dropped or how can you remove a Google penalty or why doesn’t my site appear on the first page of Google, then we may be able to help you.

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