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Akismet made defunct by math comment plugin

Akismet made defunct by math comment plugin

QSP (Quick Short Post)

Since installing the math comment plugin my spam levels have fallen off of the planet. Akismet hasn’t had a comment now for weeks, which is a prety good show I think.

I’d recommend installing it, its saved me from a chore of checking the mod queue daily, a chore that used to bore me silly.

Rob Watts
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4 thoughts on “Akismet made defunct by math comment plugin

  1. Shawn Collins

    The math plugin was great for me for the first month. Then one day I got bombed like crazy from a blog spammer that figured out how to get past it.

    Since then, I’ve been using math and Akismet and all is well.

  2. robwatts Post author

    Really, eek! Perhaps I should keep my mouth closed 😀

    I still have akismet installed, it just doesn’t see any action these days. Which for me is a testament to the effectiveness of the math plugin, as beforehand I’d spend at least 10 minutes per day fannying about going through the comments (akismet used to identify some genuine comments as spam)

  3. Lyndon Antcliff

    Finally I got round to installing this. The time I spent fishing genuine comments out of Akismet far outweighed the time it took to install this little baby.

    Thanks for the kick up the arse Rob

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