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Online Audits and Strategy Reports

Sometimes it’s good to gain a perspective or two on how your business is performing online. Knowledge of what is and what is not working will save you needless effort and enable better marshalling of resource to tasks that have a greater impact on your business’s bottom line.

We offer a number of different audits to help you understand your business online and identify any aspects that may be holding it back.

Full Online Audit and Strategy Report

What will we do in a full online audit?

We will check your domains performance in Google and provide you insights that will help you grow your business online through identifying the gaps in your strategy and highlighting the reasons why your competitors are succeeding online.

You will receive a report that will report and advise on:

  • Keyword Opportunities and Traffic Growth Strategy
  • Paid Advertising Opportunities
  • Backlink review
  • Ranking Analysis and Performance For Your Top Converting Keywords
  • Onsite Code Review With Recommendations
  • Key Competitor Analysis – What are the reasons for  your competitors online success
  • Content marketing opportunities in your sector – who is winning with their content and why
  • Social Media Opportunities and Performance – Where should you be  and what should you be doing
  • Local SEO Growth Opportunities – Not everyone is global or national player
  • Potential For Growth in Your Niche –  The web’s a big place, so’s your niche…

What will we need?

The report is pretty comprehensive so we’ll require full access to all of the metrics that you use to maintain and monitor your business performance online. This will include your webmaster tools accounts you hold with the search engines, your analytics and conversion data. Insight into your past efforts. Who you used, what they did for you and how you feel you fared. What they promised, what they delivered, why you feel let down perhaps.

In short, we’ll lift the drains up and inspect all of the aspects of your online identity that matter and show you how to fix what’s broken and enhance what is.

What will the full online audit cost and how long will it take?

This isn’t a run of the mill automated churn and burn report. Subject to capacity, you can expect to receive this report within 7 days of your order being processed.

The cost of this amazing service is just £4500-00 plus VAT per domain.

Full Link Audit Service

Your backlink profile is an important aspect of he success of your business online. We will review your link profile and make recommendations around what we observe. This will include commentary around the types of link your business is acquiring and the relative value to your business.

We’ll advise on areas that are likely to cause you problems and suggest other ways of gaining backlinks site.

We’ll also provide recommendations for building good content and gaining links in your niche

What will we need?

We will need access to your webmaster tools accounts you hold with the search engines.

What will the full link audit cost and how long will it take?

The cost of this amazing service is just £1550 plus VAT per domain with 2 hours Q and A if required. The turnaround time is 5 days, subject to the provision of the data requirements.

To order your full link audit please fill in the details below.

* additional support where requested is a chargeable extra