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How Important Are Marketing Conferences and Events to You?

How Important Are Marketing Conferences and Events to You?

Marketing Conferences – which ones matter to you?

In an age of information overload – marketers and techies have to choose wisely in their choice of which conferences to attend. If you are a speaker or product promoter, then it’s vital to get your voice heard before your prospects and potential new customers.

If you are looking to broaden your knowledge, network or understanding, then conferences and events can be a great way of achieving this.

Of course, you have to draw the line somewhere.  You can’t spend your life attending conferences week in week out. Your liver won’t think too highly of you and your pocket could become considerably lighter as a result.

Be it adtech, pubcon, SES, SMX, Blogworld the list could go on….What are your must see’s for the remainder of 2010 and 2011?

Would love to hear your views!

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Update: Marty and Amrit were kind enough to respond to a tweet I asked earlier. Thanks guys!

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8 thoughts on “How Important Are Marketing Conferences and Events to You?

  1. Olivier Amar

    For sure. They’re a great place to network and hear people talk. Not necessarily during the sessions though. Most of them aren’t that good. That being said, the conversations that happen over the abuse of your liver or a pool table can be invaluable.
    My list is: Pubcon Vegas, Adtech, SMX Advanced UK (UK’s are better SEO’s) and I’ve been hearing great stuff about Bluegrass.

    1. robwatts Post author

      Haha – Hi Olivier, thanks for the comment – yes indeed, off piste (or is that on the piss) conversations can be most enlightening. Booze loosens the tongue. I know of a few people who visit conferences and stay sober to mine useful snippets from pissed up marketers 😀

  2. Amrit Gill

    I think there is also an element of being in good company when you attend conferences. I spent a few of my conferences with key people within the industry and the instant feedback was invaluable, you could easily concur if the content was pure craphat or lead onto wonderful insightful ideas!

    It made me think when being at a very expensive conference how they could allow some craphat bs be delivered to people who paid thousands to attend!

    And – ALWAYS – ALWAYS speak to a speaker / pro on their own if you have any burning Q’s as they’re more open to tell all one on one than in a room full of 500 people!

    Excuse my craphat folks 😛

    1. robwatts Post author

      Hey Amrit, – gr8 stuff – love craphat as a term!

      There’s definitely something to be said for knowing nods that conform with your own ideas and validate pre held conceptions, no substitute for exchanging ideas and experiences real time!

      Thanks for the feedback man 🙂

  3. Came here for a dofollow comment

    I strongly believe that marketing conference and events are essential because with this activity you’ll be able to meet and mingle different people with different ideas, thoughts and learning. So, its your chance to learn something new from them which you can apply on your own endeavor and might boost your endeavor.

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