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10 magnificent steps on becoming a crappy blogger

Brad over at wordsell wrote an interesting piece on being a failsperson. It has inspired me to write a quick and dirty 10 ways to become a crappy blogger. Do feel free to add a POV or two at the bottom!

Meme tagged – why do I blog

Me been tagged. Becky (one of my favouritie bloggers) tagged me on this meme stuff. Its a funny old word ‘meme’, try saying it with scrunched nostrils. According to the define:meme thingy over at google its a cultural viral thing. Anyhow, why do I blog? Great question. I think i…

I am the Green Lantern

Whilst reading about search patents and stuff like that over at Spideyman’s I decided what the heck, and took this little quiz… You are Green Lantern Green Lantern 85% Spider-Man 75% The Flash 70% Batman 55% Supergirl 50% Wonder Woman 50% Catwoman 50% Iron Man 50% Superman 45% Robin 45%…

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