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Is Jason Calacanis a link baiting troll asshat idiot retard?

Is Jason Calacanis a link baiting troll asshat idiot retard?

A few folks at  TW happen to think that some guy named Jason Calacanis is a bit of a Troll  Asshat idiot   Retard…I can’t comment as to whether he is or not as I really dont know the guy well enough to make such an assessment.

Apparently he thinks that 90% of SEO’s are evil/slime and that 10% are not. I do wonder how he arrived at that figure, no seriously I do. Who are these magical 10% where are they even?

Did he not learn a thing from his last little escapade? Perhaps he did, and  he probably thought, wow! Look at all that traffic, all that interest, all those links! No publicity is bad publicity and all that jazz.

I am susrpised at those threadwatchers though. Surely they can see that he is using a classical link baiting hook, the be-a-contrary-bastard hook, aka the insult-as-many-people-as-you-can and see if you can get away with it scott free hook.

What gets me is the people in numbers who react to this stuff, but hey, who could resist, he knows it too.

It seems that SEO’s tarnished rep train is just quietly trundling along like it always has.

Danny Sullivan, a respected search engine commentator recently drew the wrath of the digg community. He wrote a little article entitled  Why The SEO Folks Were Mad At You, Jason over at The article got  ‘dugg’ and then subsequently got buried by a lot of churlish digg commenters. Danny felt moved to blog on the reaction and cited a number of responses to his experience.

It was kind of nice to see the article make Digg. I’d actually joked with someone that if I wanted to really try and educate many on Digg about mistaken notions of SEO, I’d need to redo the article next week into 25 bullet points. Then it became popular and I thought wow — maybe people at Digg will actually read it.

Clearly not. Clearly from the comments, it was a case anger toward an industry — much of that due to ignorance and misunderstanding — getting in the way of getting closer to the truth

If you read some of the comments he responds to its very clear that practically all of them didn’t even read what he had to say and just went straight into bash mode. Perhaps these people have drawn some association with SEO being seen as part of the whole blogosphere comment spam and trackback spam daily waste of time and effort parade.

Its a shame really as they really should look beyond the end of their noses, they might just learn a thing or two. Mr Calacanis would certainly be advised to review his 90/10 split, a reverse of positions might be a good starting point, hell maybe he could even do an ‘I saw the SEO light post’ just think of all the links he’d get then?  Maybe those diggers would agree too. 😀

As for Digg itself, I’m not even sure if they publish any kind of demographic of their typical users. Maybe they should consider publishing them, just so we can see how John in Nebrska aged 171/2 has used his considerable life experience to arrive at his well considered conclusions.

As for Mr Calacanis , is he a  link baiting troll asshat idiot retard? He’s certainly making good use of the be-an-ass-and-get-links hook so he passes the 1st test with flying colours, unfortunately I don’t know him well enough to affirm one way or the other as to his resemblance to the latter, perhaps messrs Hochman Agerhart and Groove could supply a definitive answer.

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15 thoughts on “Is Jason Calacanis a link baiting troll asshat idiot retard?

  1. Sarahtowny

    Well, when I saw this subject I thought, right roll up sleeves and said to myself ‘Sarah try and understand what Rob is on about …’ So! I saw SEO and had to go to wikipedia to find out what it meant (Rob stop rolling your eyes!) Anyway, after that I read all your article and I might add, ALL the links. I did nearly drop off and my eyes started to glaze at the article Danny wrote (I think War and Peace is shorter!) But anyway thanks for the article, I have learnt quite a bit from it. Am I now a SEO expert? Hehe nope! But at least I know what it’s all about now. So thanks for educating me on this subject.

    Oh and before I go I would say that the Jason guy was being very clever, pissing people off always makes for publicity. Like you said might not be good publicity but seems he has now got himself in the headlines, which was probably at the top of his agenda in the first place and obviously it worked! :0)

  2. robwatts Post author

    Haha! Well applause to you there Sarah, you read ALL those links! Even Danny’s war and peace 😉 Hats off to you girl 😀

    You are right though, he’s done that most certainly.I just wish we wouldn’t pay it such attention though!

    The SEO/SEM as a collective often harps and cribs about the negative perception it has. Part of the reason for this, is that most people aren’t too keen on bragging of their SEO successes due in the main to either client confidentiality agreements or fear of some anti SEO search engineer somewhere. So, for those who are successful with it, they just go quietly about their business, taking the sensible option of keeping quiet. Meanwhile of course we are left to hear negative rantings or recounts of the so called SEO nightmare stories whereby bad SEO company x did y to hurt naive company b.

    Maybe some ‘lets all be positive about SEO’ soundings will rise up as a result, we shall see 🙂

  3. Igor The Troll

    Hey, Rob I do not know if these guys are your friend or what, but Jason is not in left feild that much.

    I hung around DaveN, Danny, and Barry and saw some things that you may not like.

    While they maybe great guys to hang out and have a few cold one’s they do not care for an average Webmaster. They all link bait about Google being Evil but as soon as you srat expanding on the issue, they panic for their little pathetic businesses and their nice cushy Google relationship.

    Sorry, it does not wok that way. Today you badmouth Google batting people to your board, but when they try to talk logic about what is wrong with google, you ban them!

    The word is an A-Hole!

    I prefer being around people like Andy and Michael Gray, at least these guys care about what is going on the Internet not just how to feel their pockets of shingles.

    Well enough of soap, back to Trolling..:)

  4. robwatts Post author

    Igor I like to try and not get too enmeshed in the whole personalities thing. People are complex, in the grand scheme of things none of what DaveN or Danny or Barry say or do bothers me that much. If they get too close to Google then they know that ultimately it’s their credibility on the line, something which they all worked very hard to foster.

    Igor, you are an intelligent guy with an obvious passion for this stuff! No need to troll, at least not on this blog!

  5. Igor The Troll

    Rob, I glad you like my sardonic sense of humor..:)

    I have problems speaking with a straight tounge and handicapped with a bastardized twang.

    I do not Troll your blog or have the desire to. I go for the Inept with vengeance. To regular folks I smile graciously!

  6. robwatts Post author

    Igor, I’m glad to hear that and wasn’t suggesting that you do, in fact I welcome your inputs equally with anyone else who takes the time to share a viewpoint. Besides, I have a tried and tested method for dealing with those that try, it’s called the delete button 😉

  7. Igor The Troll

    Rob, it’s really funny, but many people out there think I am a real Troll. By the time they figure out who and what I am it is usually too late for them..:)

    Do you know who coined my alias?

  8. robwatts Post author

    Hi Igor, yes I read the background on it – Sebastian if memory serves…It’s an interesting marketing position to adopt mind, it’s certainly highly recognisable, you don’t quite forget a name like ‘Igor the Troll’!

  9. Igor The Troll

    Rob, you are a smart guy, like to have made your acquaintance!

    Later, I will tell you more, about the company, the 7 dwarfs, and the snow white, as we better know each other.


  10. sarahtowny

    Hello nice post, well actually never read it haha I just got an email telling me you had done the article, so thought omg he is still alive!

    You have been a very naughty boy, not spoke to you in ages, but glad to see you are alive and well and still like your beer.

    Sign in to msn now and then sunshine I sure miss you!

    Nag over ;0)

  11. robwatts Post author

    Hello Sarah 😉 You are right, a naughty boy I is! Actually I am off the beer, so I should really change that link to buy me a diet coke instead :-0

    Good to see you and yes you are right I should ( and will) Hope you are keeping well 🙂

  12. Igor The Troll

    You British are all alike, you misbehave than you say you sorry, just look at the royals. Did you guys learn this from the Japanese or did you teach this to Japanese. They freaking say sorry old day long..:)

  13. jessyjessy

    the problem with link trolling vs. hyperlink baiting imho, is consistency of traffic. in case you link bait, and do it nicely, chances are your content may be constantly bait-worthy. that effects in a everyday move of traffic, which can also cause dependable readers and subscribers.

    if you’re hyperlink trolling, unless you’ve got something of fee to add, you’re going to emerge as with sharp spikes, observed through big drops.

    i guess what it comes right down to is your intended purpose – subscribers and go back site visitors, or just large traffic spikes (which i’m sure has its blessings as well – i just have a tendency to suppose more big image/long-time period).

    having stated that, in case your whole weblog-version is hyperlink trolling, then you would possibly have something. appears to me that could be a number of paintings. maybe i’m just no longer snarky enough

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