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Promote my website online using SEO and Social Media

Promote my website online using SEO and Social Media

Promote my website online using SEO and Social Media

Promote your website online

Regular readers aside, there is a chance that you may have come from a search engine for a query related to promote my website online, or get on the first page of Google or SEO for small businesses or Improve my sites position in the search engines or … I’ll stop there, point made.

Potentially the list is endless. All manner of people search for things in all manner of ways. There is no set in stone route. There are indicators and tools that people and companies working in fields like me, use daily to get a feel for a niche or domain. We look at search data provided to us by the search engines based on the competitiveness of an a PPC keyword or phrase, some of us have access to stat counter data that allows us to use data collected real time from websites that have the code installed, allowing us to see things like referral strings, user activities and clickthroughs. In other words we use information indicators from real people in real life scenarios. There is little if any guess work involved, it’s asbout real data crunching and using that knowledge to inform your strategies.

Promoting a small business using SEO

Big businesses with big budgets have it easy. They already have the content, already have the budget that enables them to invest in people who can help them get to, and understand what it is they need to do and how it is they do it. Small businesses do not usually have access to similar resources.

Search marketing for SME’s

So how do you get started? Lets just assume you already have a website that’s been built, you might have already paid an SEO or an SEO Company to optimise your website or you might not have, whatever the case, lets just look at what might be a typical scenario.

A typical brochure type website

Your site is some old type standard 4 page website with a Flash animated intro perhaps a Home, About, Services and Contact page with a bit of static text that says not very much at all. What people don’t know is that, despite you being small, you have a massive catalog of products and stock, you have a small sales team, a customer support team, a marketing dept that deals with newspaper ads and off line directories, you have a distribution network, a product development team with an inhouse design dept too. You are small on the grand scale but in your niche you like to think you are getting to where you need to be. Your company in the area you operate is well known and respected, and your suppliers and customers all value what you do tremendously. Yet outside your little bubble nobody knows that. A little glance at your website reveals none of any of that, in the online world nobody knows because nobody told them.

Invest in your online presence and get that ROI

I hear some of you saying but hang on, I just paid $5000-00 for that website. Do you mean I’ve got to rip it all up and redo it?

The answer to that is in some cases YES in some cases NO.

Some websites are so awful that they are just beyond redemption.

The attention they need is so drastic that they might as well start again from scratch, they need a root and branch deconstruction that addresses absolutely everything, their only redeeming feature is the email addresses that came with the domain. For others it’s not so drastic, it’s a fairly straightforward case of assessing the resources at hand and deciding what to do with them.

This single blog post isn’t really the place to do justice to what is often a complex individual thing in that no two businesses are exactly the same. All have their own strengths and weaknesses that need to be assessed in the light of the company at hand’s aims and objectives, that said there are a few things I’d like to leave you with to consider.

8 general SEM tips that will help your website succeed online

  • Employ a professional SEM/SEO firm or SEO ConsultantThe best way would be to employ one of the above to deliver an improvement. Forget the outlay, it really shouldn’t be a concern. A well constructed, SEO/SEM campaign can deliver a massive ROI, massive. They should be able to help you look at your business and help you with a strategy that will propel you through the roof. Don’t want to do that? Scared off by the fees? Don’t have the initial investment capital required? Not to worry, you can have a go at doing it yourself, at least aspects of it, but prepare to make a few mistakes and lose a $ or 2 in the process…
  • Invest in a PPC program.You wouldn’t think twice about paying £500 for a onetime half page local newspaper advert, yet the same money could deliver up to 5000 laser targeted geographically related enquiries directly to your site from people in buy mode. Try this link (free £50 at the time of publication). A good PPC program will enable you to identify related keywords and phrases relative to your product or service and deliver visitors who have entered these into search engines.

  • If you have a product database, put it online!If you sell things then people online will not know unless you tell them. Getting your inventory into a web based system is an absolutely crucial part of any online marketing and promotion strategy. Do it now, send me a message from here and I’ll tell you where to go, heck I might even do it for you.
  • Use your staff to build you contentIdentify your company strengths and use the people you employ. Install software that will enable you to use your team to big up your products online, allocate company time to key individuals with something to say, get them all singing from the same hymn sheet, get their enthusiasm for your company, their jobs, your customers, your products out there.

  • Interact with your customers and suppliersInstall software that gives your customers genuine opportunities to feedback and interact. Show the world that your company is alive and reacting to customer issues or concerns. Allow the people who have used your products or services to talk about their experiences, if your products and services are good then with the right approach you’ll be surprised at how you can pull people in and share their views. This well help solidify relationships and improve repeat sales and increase user confidence in your company its products and services.
  • Use social media to reach out to your nicheThe online world has an array of fora with dedicated categories and communities for all manner of interests. If a category or community doesn’t exist then consider creating one. Interact with bloggers and stumblers generate interest and get your stuff dugg build networks and friends with similar interests. Use sites like Myspace and Facebook to generate interest and Buzz, get your company or you out there in your space.

  • Get relevant links to your site for the keywords you seek to attainThere is no real substitute for using a bonafide link building service, a good link building service will know where to acquire the right kinds of links. They will often as part of their service, offer a content writing service too which will help your domain get the necessary links required to assist in your overall website promotion strategy. It should be said too that by following the proposals above you will naturally attract links to your site which will over time, improve your websites performance in the Search engine results pages (SERPS) ultimately lowering your PPC adspend into the bargain.
  • Read blogs and content from people and companies who have a passion for this stuffNot vital, but you’d do a lot worse that to read articles and content from people who live and breath this stuff, me aside of course you might also do well to read blogs related to online marketing ideas, Niche marketing ,Social Media , Search marketing and online sales to mention a few.Why?Simple really, doing business online is the future for many businesses today. By increasing your knowledge base you increase your ability to make informed choices that will enable you to make the best possible purchasing decisions. If you ever bought a ‘pay £10 per month for submission to a zillion search engine package’ then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Getting back to where I started initially, if you found this article online then it might have been because you were looking for ways to promote your site. Perhaps you’d been burned in the past by some company that didn’t deliver or for reasons related to a limited budget. Heck you might even be a company just starting out looking for ideas and information. Whatever the case, I hope you found it all useful and wish you every success for 2017.

Rob Watts
Kickstart your business today - Get an SEO Consultation or just talk to Rob about your online aspirations. With over 20 years experience in building traffic he's pretty much encountered most markets and scenarios

19 thoughts on “Promote my website online using SEO and Social Media

  1. David Airey

    Some stellar advice there, Rob, and some very worthwhile third party mentions.

    Here’s a tip for those who are planning on blogging to help with marketing – include images in your blog articles to help break up the text and add visual interest. 😉

    Hope you’re well.

  2. robwatts Post author

    Hi David, great idea and thanks for the tip, ( I can be a little lazy at times in terms of opening up my version of fireworks and putting in a visual or two) in fact I got distracted in the latter stages of writing this and omitted to mention your good self as an excellent source of graphic design and blog tips.

    David, I’m glad you had a good outcome to your domain episode, a happy New year to you, I hope 2008 is a good one for you!

  3. David Airey

    I’ve found that sometimes a good visual can make all the difference to a blog post, so I’m always sure to include at least one. They brighten the place up a little too. 🙂

    Thanks for the support you gave when I lost my domain name. I hope you also have a brilliant 2008!

  4. robwatts Post author

    Great point Terry – I’d say that’s one of those things that you have to look at carefully as it can be a one way thing. I recall running a site that allowed users to tag images and upload their own stuff. Initially I found that a lot of that traffic came purely for the point of grabbing the related image and running. The net benefactor being the search engine offerring the search facility. A little jiggery-pokery allowed for a solution that allowed for an impressions based return on the traffic.Net outcome, happy me and happy visitors 😀

  5. Operating Agreement

    You have some great tips here!
    Out of curiousity what do you think of promoting your blog via the hundreds of blog specific directories? Waste of time? Or a small help to achieving success?

  6. robwatts Post author

    Hi there ‘Operating Agreement…’

    I think that its perfectly ok to associate yourself with quality resources that give you a link. The emphasis is on quality though. There are as you say 100’s out there, yet but a handful that offer any real value and content.

    As those orrible lot at Tescos would say, ‘every little helps..’ 🙂

  7. Submit Comfort

    That was a neat list robwatts. You are so right. I certainly believe the site owners must install a blog on their sites as that is an easy way to publish content which can go viral. But, most of the site owners don’t understand this. Content plays a huge role in SEO.

  8. Mark from Bloglyne

    Rob – great comments here. Been a while since I have been around and active. Wanted to make sure I stopped by to see what you had done with the place *grins* The site is looking dapper as always.

    Stop by Bloglyne, when you get a chance – and remember *be nice*!

  9. Cedar City

    I have a question about getting started. Where should I go to find a good builder of online stores. I want the backend to be easy to use and easy to add pages, products and content. I also want it to be SEO wise. Anyways I would love to hear some of your suggestions.

  10. robwatts Post author

    Hi Cedar City

    There are some great out of the box products that’ll do just fine.

    Oscommerce is one that immediately springs to mind, its open source and its free

    It has a good community of developers and its easy to get help with any install issues too.

    An example of an SEO contribution here,2823

    A good SEO coder would also be able to edit your templates and tweak it where necessary.

    If you want to go the commercial route and pay for the product then you could always try actinic

    They also offer a 30 day free trial, and a good SEO /coder should have little problem in making it all search engine friendly.

    Failing that, if you wanted to go the custom route then a good coder would be able to work from the ground up and build an app to suit your specifications.However, in my view, that would be a little bit like re-inventing the wheel 😀

    Hope that helps

  11. Justin

    There is enough info available these days that people can do a lot of the SEO / SEM themselves, espically if they are a small business and don’t ahve a huge budget. Probally not worthwhile for a bigger company, but it’s fairly easy to get ranked well for a spesfic keyword, espically if you were from say a town called “kutter” it wouldn’t be hard to rank for “kutter pizza”

  12. trCreative

    Some good tips there – Thanks!

    It’s amazing how important SEO is to any business, Google can really make or break a business.

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