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Techy problems behind the scenes

Techy problems behind the scenes

As some of  you may have noticed, I’ve been having database problems. If I’m not ‘here’ then you know where I’ve gone. To say it sucks is an understatement.  I’m able to login in at the moment but for how long is another issue entirely.

Rob Watts
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4 thoughts on “Techy problems behind the scenes

  1. robwatts Post author

    Something to do with Mysql 5 and the OS. I had all the right permissions but it behaved in a way that suggested I hadn’t, byt not allowing me to update giving me read only permission errors. The host kept telling me that it was ok suggesting I contact WP, and I kept telling them it wasn’t. Eventually one of their number found some bug issue with mysql 5 and 64 bit Os’s and fixed it.Better late than never. 🙂

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