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Sticky SEO

Sticky SEO

Make your site sticky, not bouncy…

I read an interesting document the other night –  “Sticky SEO” by David Leonhardt.

The essence of what David is saying is that in order to do well on the web in 2008 and beyond, you have to make your site sticky.

Nothing new there I hear some of you saying, and yes absolutely, site stickiness is something that any good web dev / site owner should strive towards. Complete reliance on search engines that can take away their traffic in a blink is never a good idea. Far better to build something that fits the queries and gives users what they need, after all you do want them to come back at some point! The added bonus to this is that as a result search engines will probably like your content too and your site will rank well as a result. People will cite it, you’ll see your sites popularity rise and well…all good really.

It’s a good e-book and it’s free too, whilst I wouldn’t agree with every single little thing he said, it was nonetheless thought provoking and has fired my cannister to come up with a post that draws upon a lot of what he says and ties it in with where we are today in late 2008 Interwebs.

I was going to write something this evening, but have had a sudden attack of the I can’t be arsed, but will at some point, so…watch this space, and don’t forget to check out Davids’s Sticky SEO book!

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