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PageTank – Have you been hit by the PageRank hatey stick?

PageTank – Have you been hit by the PageRank hatey stick?

Has  your  PageRank  recently  tanked?

A lot of people have the hump with Google today.Snoskred  put together a little compilation.

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If you should feel so inclined and feel like getting hatey back then, Snoskred also has a suggestion or 2 .

Now it does also need to be said that this *could* just be some kind of data centre pre toolbar pr update.

Whitebars are often a sign that a page has been indexed but has yet to be  assigned any PageRank, you’ll often see this behaviour with new pages or sites that have been recently launched.

Somehow  though, I doubt it.This looks like yet another rollout of previous manual interventions.Perhaps the next phase will be removed ranking ability, or complete removal from the index even.

I can understand why a company might want to make a point or 2, but jesus don’t they think that we got the the message the 1st time?

I would love to know what it was that I did here that was so so bad and damaging to their index and the people that use them, really I would, it’s starting to needle me.

Rob Watts
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18 thoughts on “PageTank – Have you been hit by the PageRank hatey stick?

  1. Mike

    Hey Rob! I received the big zero yesterday as well. Considering all the other great bloggers I know who also got bitch slapped, I feel like I’m in a good company…lol. All the cool kids are doing it ;P

  2. Andy Beard

    Rob, you are a prime example of why I think the manual inspection probably looked for the “payment processor”, a direct badge. I think you had one of those in your sidebar at one time, though you never wrote any for PPP

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  4. robwatts Post author

    @Andy – Yes…I don’t think its so much of a stretch for them to set up an index search for a code string or text string even,and follow it up with a manual.

    I sometimes wonder whether its a case of link to them and you trip the filter, or whether as Ted at PPP suggested, Google are just taking some blanket text pattern search and going with that.There has to be a manual element though as lots of non-hit blogs have discussed PPP review me and sponsored reviews at one point or other. If it were as simple as Ted suggests then a few of the more high profile bloggers would be vocal too. Saying that though, perhaps that’s what the earlier demotions were about. Problogger and Dosh Dosh being two examples of reinstatement after such an event.

    Whatever way its diced, it sucks, they’ll pay for it in one way or another.

  5. robwatts Post author

    LOL Hi Bob

    It’s no huge tragedy you are right, we all know that TBPR means very little in any algorithmic sense, yet the fact remains it’s still a ding. I don’t like to be dinged, especially when I can’t get hold of the dinger and ding him right back. That’s an aspect of what riles me, the whole BS hide in dark hit and run away way that it’s done in.Cowards

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  7. pittfall

    I hate to say it (even though SEOmoz’s analysis says otherwise), because I don’t want to think better of myself and because it seems like a badge of honor (lately) in the SEO community, but I actually picked up a point (from PR4 to PR5) during the landslide or link revolt, take your pick.

    But just like so many others, I did not see any changes in traffic, up or down. I think that Google is trying to leverage their influence, without actually doing anything.

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  9. robwatts Post author

    @pittfall – heh, well its all a liitle weird all round.

    Did you ever discuss the various pay2blog services, or link out to them or do stuff that might have riled a search engine death squad activist?

    @snoskred – I’m all for collective action.The thing with these types of actions is that they need a compelling reason and sufficient numbers.As it stands much of the non pro google stuff is disparately spread over a lot of terrority with just a teeny % of the most vocal affected.I think something bigger needs to happen 1st, something like ranking penalties or removal from their indices in sufficient numbers too.I doubt that will happen, they aren’t that dumb.

    Im all for doing my bit individually and have taken adecision to rein in my past enthusiasm for them and their products, yet the reality is that google have become entrenched in our collective psyche to such an extent that they could well be difficult to shift.We need stories like this to find their way into the MSM. Journalists love these kinds big guy vs little guy bully type stories.

  10. pittfall

    @rob – I have written about them, but I have taken the stance that a paid link should only be valuable if you are looking for the traffic that the link would bring, not the link juice. I haven’t paid to be posted about or been paid either… like you said it’s a little weird out here! As far as negativity towards the engines, only when common sense has been overlooked, like overvaluing PageRank. I’m sure the shake-up isn’t over yet.

  11. robwatts Post author

    @pittfall – weird is a bit of an understatement, its trench warfare gone nuts!

    As you say, it’ll all pan out eventually, just sucks gewtting caught up in all the negativity and hateiness. 🙁

  12. Andy Beard

    My biggest problem currently is going to a website and thinking WTF how come they didn’t get punished.

    Earlier I went to one site, a conference, and the corporate sponsors (about 20 of them) all get sitewide links. The top sponsor is Google.

    The links were not nofollow

    Do I write even more negativity?

  13. robwatts Post author

    Andy, it’s a big mess, they know it too.

    The best thing they could do for themselves would be to dump the green bar and leave people to link how they see fit.

    Who’s collating PR values for future use I wonder!

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