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Meme tagged – why do I blog

Meme tagged – why do I blog

Me been tagged. Becky (one of my favouritie bloggers) tagged me on this meme stuff. Its a funny old word ‘meme’, try saying it with scrunched nostrils. According to the define:meme thingy over at google its a cultural viral thing.

Anyhow, why do I blog?

Great question. I think i like to occasionly help out and express a view or two. I blog in all manner of environs, its sure cheaper than seeing a therapist 😀 Ive used blogs to say all manner of things that Ive encountered in my life. Sometimes, well most of the time in fact! It’s great to receive feedback and perspective. Some people are marvellous in how they respond and I’ve made some truly great ‘virtual friends’ Blogging has that way of allowing you to really hear what a person is saying and where they are coming from, you get an excellent sense for their ‘voice’ and you learn a thing or 2 along the way, both about yourself and others in general.. I guess Im just an avid people watcher at heart, so blogging really helps massage that one particular muscle of my psyche.

I spose now ive got to do the meme thing and mention 5 people who I’d like to tag.

um…Lyndon, Andy Steph, Shane and Jill

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4 thoughts on “Meme tagged – why do I blog

  1. Andy Beard

    I did see this, and then was going to mention that I had done this one before, and then some…

    To add a little bit more to it, (just between you and me 😉 ) and the cockroaches and tumbleweeds, lots of the subjects I choose to blog about are related to my larger projects.

    It is nice to get VCs linking through and saying nice things, as an example one of the angel investors in Zookoda dropped me a link today.

    That kind of reader for me is worth 1000 subscribers

  2. robwatts Post author

    Yeah, this meme stuff has a limited shelf life, especially when everyones tagging everybody else. Its good to read the insights though.

    Im with you on the terrible headline too – I found myself in cynical mode saying, yeah right rob and who cares even 😀

    Jesus, just read your blog on it – you didn’t do that one by half Andy – off to comment there in a minute or two.

    Hear you on the link thing – all ya gotta do now is convince Dan to bung a few quid the way of your next cool web 2.1 thang!

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