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Closed for a long lunch

Closed for a long lunch

I’m taking a note out of David Aireys book and have decided to take a break from this stuff.

Lately I find myself either rehashing what others have done, or getting all hatey with a company who couldn’t really care less about what I think anyways, and that’s just all a little crap and life’s too short for all that nonsense. I’m going to concentrate on some of the more positive things out there on the Internet and try and have a little fun with it all instead.

To my American friends, I’d like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope it’s spent with those you care for and who care for you too. For everyone else, stay safe , see you when I feel a little less gloomy about this particular niche!

Meantime, I thought it would be nice to leave you all with some of the things you’ve said here these past 11 months, and give you a little link love too. To the guys a big firm pat on the back, to the girls a warm friendly hug. BFN

Rob Watts
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22 thoughts on “Closed for a long lunch

  1. Chris B.


    It’s good to take a break every once in a while. It gets your juices flowing again and your ideas up and running. I find that when I want to take a break – I just make sure I still write every day, but I don’t publish. It helps hash out ideas and lets me go back and look at a week’s worth of material and really edit it out. Anyway, hope you come back soon.

  2. robwatts Post author

    Hey all, thanks for all your comments and words of encouragement – they’re appreciated.

    A change is as good as a rest eh…it has been good focusing on some of the stuff Ive neglected.

    As crass or as state the obvious as this may sound I’m honestly of the view that some of our better stuff just can’t be manufactured under some formulaic guise of inspired thinking or viewpoint and that we are therefore, better served just leaving things be until we get back what it is we feel we have lost or has seemingly deserted us.

    Ha! Reading that back, anyone might think I’d made some massive contribution to literary humanity 🙂

    Have a great week guys!

  3. YC

    Hope you’re having a good break Rob – you might want to try taking a long train ride to Morden and enjoy that corner fish & chips store that I miss but have no idea if still exists. 🙂 See you back soon m8!

  4. Avinash


    Taking these kind of breaks is good. I’m sure that you’ll return back when something new inspires you. I’ve myself been trying to stay away from computer/internet for sometime. I read so many blogs that I’m bored of this whole blogging thing now.

    Though I’ve been unable to stay away from computers, I’m trying my best to stay away from this whole ‘blogging & marketing’ thing. Mostly spending my time @ StumbleUpon, browsing photoblogs, reading poetry, ancient history etc. (all non-tech related stuffs). Also trying to learn a few new things.

    Anyway, I hope to see you soon. Enjoy your break! 🙂

  5. David Bradley

    Thanks for the link lurv Rob. You’ll be missed but I understand the need to jump ship, even if it is only for a nice bit of swimming rather than to abandon the helm altogether! Hope to see you back here soon. Meanwhile, drop me a line when you’re ashore, at the usual address.


  6. robwatts Post author

    @YC – I’d prefer to drive, that Northern line can be a bit of a dodgy place these days 😉

    @Avi – I’m hearing that, I’m looking forward to warmer times ahead and excuses to get out and about. Ive a huge backlog of stuff I want to read too. Just read a murder mystery story about a London Bond trader, quite an education, not to mention a damn good mystery and suspense. About to tuck in to a book given to me by a friend on the cheery subject of SAS hit squads in Northern Ireland in the 70’s. I’m enjoying the time out, its good, hope you get to enjoy yours too 🙂

    @David – thanks, and you are very welcome too- Yes you are right too, I’ve vacated the position tempoarily to a Cap’n who likes to spend most of his time sleeping. Let’s just say that I’m shadowing in the wings and keeping the backroom running with a comment or two. 😀

  7. YC

    Rob, that doesn’t sound too good – are they getting thrashed? I always put up at my aunt’s place whenever I’m in London – hotels are too expensive!

  8. robwatts Post author

    I don’t think it’s as bad as I make out, just not my transport mode of choice I guess. Rush hours being cramp city, with late night excursions being a game of random roulette with gangs of hoodies! At least that’s the mental perception. Having an aunt for put you ups is a most economic way of visiting this damn expensive city! I really need to have a few more aunts in Tahiti, Maldives and Hawaii I thinks 😉

  9. Reggie von Zugbach

    Dear Rob
    You said –
    “As I said, feel free to post your web adress over on my blog and I’ll give it the once over and offer up a few suggestions, when I get a spare half hour”. – is this what you meant?

    Reggie von Zugbach

  10. robwatts Post author

    Hi Reggie yes, your blog isn’t exactly search engine friendly and I’m unsure as to the level of control you have over it.If you have a way of modifying templates then you need to change aspects of it so that your keywords are in your title. You should also name your posts with ypur users in mind. Use descriptive keywords that descriptive your articles/posts rather than some obscure unrelated set of words.

    To be honest, I’d suggest using a wordpress blog instead. Check out and follow the path.

    Other than that for now, link to your blog in your comments .

    Note how your link in your comment is now pointing to your blog, instead of the //general you used prior. This will help too.

  11. Reggie von Zugbach

    My dear Rob, Thank you again for your help. Just a couple of your suggestions have led to our modest “on-line” journal beginning being picked up by genuine and very helpful well-wishers who either want to contribute material or want to make it technically better. There is still much from your list to be done, but in the mean-time, God bless you!

    Yours aye,

    Reggie von Zugbach

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