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Bidvertiser – monetizing a blog?

Bidvertiser – monetizing a blog?

WARNING:This is a post I might earn money from and contains affiliate links!!!!

I just read a review of Bidvertiser over at Andy beards Blog. If you run a blog and are looking to monetize it then you will no doubt be aware of the confusing array of options and providers out there. Adbrite, Adsense, Chikita are a few you may have heard of all which all help you make money from your blogging endeavours. You place some ads on your blog, a visitor sees an ad that attracts their eye, they click it, you get paid – simple as that.

I’d seen Bidvertiser ads on various sites across the Internet. I hadn’t paid them too much attention cos well, you gotta draw the line somewhere! There’s monetising your blogs and then there’s turning your blog into a big fat bunch of ads all over the shop which…well, doesn’t really work and kinda lowers the standard of whatever it is you are seeking to do with your blog.I’ve decided to give them a try and see how it goes on a blog or two.

Similar to other advertising and website monetisation programs, you have the choice to be either a publisher, an advertiser or both.

Bidvertiser Advertisers

They are currently offering  $20-00 worth of free clicks for new advertiser sign ups . I don’t want to make this sound like an advert or a review of Bidvertiser, so I’ll skip any elaboration on what makes them different, or why you should choose them. From an advertiser perspective, they could be good, they could be a pile of rubbish. You’ll have to suck it and see I guess, or go research reviews on the net from people who have used them already.

The thing to bear in mind is that they are probably marginally cheaper than other networks out there in terms of CPC, so could be a good bet for any arbitragers amongst you. Buy low sell high and all that 😀 . The great thing though is that they do seem to ge tthe idea that by giving advertisers more placement options and allowing them to bid accordingly that there are as a result some excellent early low cost conversion opportunities available to those who research their niche.

Bidvertiser Publishers

Similar to other programs, they offer a number of options for publishers in terms of ad type configuration, payment options, and optout options. They’ll pay you by cheque or Paypal . Ive opted for paypal for now, simply because cheque cashing is a PITA.

Bidvertiser is  pretty simple to use. You sign up, you place their code on your site and they pay you a % of any clicks ads outputted recieved.  You can even join their refereal program and receive up to $50 for getting a new referal too, which isn’t bad at all. It works in a way by saying that if a new publisher earns $10 then they’ll pay you the same. When a publisher earns $50, they’ll give you an additional $40. Most low monetised blogs easily achieve that over a year, so there could well be a little incentive there too.

There are other Internet advertising programs out there, with higher referal fees and more lucrative options; however when you balance some of those out against some of the achievement criteria, then they suddenly become a little less attractive, but more on those another day perhaps

You can read Andy’s review of bidvertiser here. Or sign up directly here for advertisers and here for publishers.

Good luck with it.

Rob Watts
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12 thoughts on “Bidvertiser – monetizing a blog?

  1. robwatts Post author

    Thanks for that. I just went and read it – its a little short to draw any firm conclusions. Can you elaborate at all?

    Did you track the visitors. Did you monitor their behaviours? What kind of keyword sector were you targetting? Did they comment or sign up or subscribe or buy your products?


  2. TJantunen

    I know that it is a difficult to make conclusion based on my post, but as I wrote my goal was to get more visitors and little bit more publicity to my blog. I did not track visitor paths in my blog. I was only tracking amount of visitors from both of those programs.

  3. robwatts Post author

    No problem, TJantunen.

    Visitor tracking and referal paths and behaviours can be pretty illustrative in these kinds of programs. It would have been handy to have read such feedback,hence the question.

    If it worked for you and you gained what you wanted, then cool, its not for me to say otherwise 🙂

  4. Lee

    I tried out Bidvertiser when they first launched to see how they and the system worked, i didn’t like it then so i don’t think i will like it now. The payouts are poor (or was) because there are simply more Publishers V Advertisers (of course this can be said about any PPC campaign). I also found with Bidvertiser that the targeting system was pretty poor too. As we all know Google and YPN are probably the best to be with but also alot of people get kicked out from AdSense due to click fraud etc etc.

  5. robwatts Post author

    Hi Lee

    I haven’t yet got around to trying it out in any kind of volume yet. I’m not too impressed with some aspects of the backend either. Disapproving lots of low bid unrelated sites for example took forever! A simple bit of javascript could remedy that and enable you to opt in to ads as opposed to having to opt out of a lot of casino type sites you don’t really want to link to in the 1st place. I also found lots of arbitrage going on there too, which didn’t exactly enamour me to them either, yet Im a little picky I guess – some people mightn’t care very much..

    All that said of course, high traffic sites that say havent been accepted by adsense or ypn for geographic or content type issues may well do ok with them too.

    Thanks for the viewpoint 🙂

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  8. robwatts Post author

    Em – Bidvertiser was a spectacular failure for this blog but then to be fair. tech savvy bloggers mostly have adsense/bidvertiser/adbrite blindness which doesn’t bode well for CTR’s anyway

  9. anonymous


    I have been getting about 7 dollars per week using Google Ad Sense in a test website, but substituting the ads with the Bidvertiser’s ones I certainly get much less, about 15 cents per week, and so much less impressions than using Ad Sense ads.

    Do you know a way for tracking clicks and impressions for Bidvertiser.


  10. robwatts Post author

    Using a free tracking analytics package, no is the short answer.

    Some of the paid ones allow you to get pretty granular, but they cost.

    You could always try reverse engineering the blog tracking javascript as that has the facility to track adsense clicks. You could modify that so it tracks bidvertiser clicks instead. Although in terms of the benefit to be had from doing that, you’d probably be better served doing something else I guess, especially if it only earnt you 15 cents.

    Seems like you should stick with adsense eh. 😀

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