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Unfairness inherent in authorities – just another flaw in an algo

Before I say too much else I just wanted to say that generally in most cases I think it unnecessary to be too specific when highlighting the failings and flaws of others. It’s too easy to point fingers and say, oh look at how crap so and so is, or…

Yahoo’s confesses its algo is poor and needs a little help

Yahoo! annouced a new tag today, supposedly aimed at helping webmasters to section off aspects of their pages so that spiders don’t index content that is superfluous to the meat and gravy of the page. The ‘what a great way to flag seo’d pages’ factor aside, lets look at what… CEO less than enthusiastic for Y!’s pay for inclusion model

Ross Dunn over at Stepforth Seo wrote an interesting piece discussing Y!’s revamped search marketing progam. The idea once was, and um…still is by all accounts is that you pay to be included via extra spidering of your urls and based upon your ‘natural’ ranking, you then rank in the…

NOYDIR wordpress plugin

Inspired by Joost de vaalk’s noodp plugin for wordpress and the recent Y! announcement, I decided to provide a NOYDIR plugin. You can download it here.¬†Unzip it, put it in your plugins folder, and activate it. It then adds the following line to the section of your theme: <META NAME=”ROBOTS”…

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