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I don’t get too much time on my hands these days as I’m too busy working. The cool things is I work with a group of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about Search and strive to deliver the best possible solutions for the clients they work with. They are a friendly happy bunch an…I’ve got a lot of time for everyone who works there.

Who is this company? Well, to be honest it isn’t that important. They could be here in Hertfordshire, London, San Francisco, New York or Paris even, the important part for me, is that they have a dedication and appreciation of the space we inhabit. I get to work with people who challenge my thinking and surprise me, who are knowledgeable, professional and for the most part damn good at what they do. The work environment is good too in that it’s bang in the centre of the most vibrant city on the planet, we get massages, fresh fruit daily, gym membership, private health care and stuff like that, lunch is seldom boring through access to all manner of eateries and cafes and munch joints. If I’m feeling health conscious I’ll stride down to Tossed and grab a salad. If I’m not then I’ll grab a Pizza at that little place with the fucked up menu pricing with Michael or if he’s about Andy or Phil or Dave (if he hasn’t got a homemade wrap that is) failing that I’ll nip into Silvas and grab a bit of Italian. Yesterday a group of us went to Nando’s and had a lot of chicken and chips and a cheeky beer Luke, Andy, Alan ,Ruro, Alex, Julia, Mike and Adam it twas fun too, no one I work with is thick, which is good. Do I not like thick people? Heck no, thick people are fun too but for different reasons. Christ that sounds mean, I really don’t mean it that way, perhaps I should use a different word like less intelligent or less knowledgeable, less witty etc. The fact is that you just can’t do the sort of work we all do and be thick, shit there I go again I said it again. Ok, what I mean is you just can’t do a job that requires…fuck it, why am I even digressing on this thick point? What am I some kind of fucking Einstein? Absolutely not.

So where was I? Oh yeah, I was talking about my job and extolling the many facets of it that are fun and interesting and all that stuff. So is it in any way not so great? Jesus, duh of course! Like any job there are downsides to it, it’s a part of the human condition to moan and complain a little after all. For example, I have to wear a whistle and flute which is…I won’t beat about the bush,a fuckin pain in the arse, especially on hot sunny beautiful days where I could be out on my mountain bike getting a nice brown colour to my skin distracted by hotties and scenery and beaches and ice cream and all that stuff, but hey I’m getting used to it and if you are meeting clients and stuff like that then you’ve got to present a professional image. After all, would you entrust the future of your online enterprise to a geezer in his underpants? Lots of people do I know, but in person, it just doesn’t quite cut it. My hours are a little sucky too in that I leave my home at 7am and don’t get home to 7pm doing a job that for the most part could be done in part from home, I’m finding that tough especially with the warm weather upon us. Ha, listen to me sounding like some whining minnie. There are other downsides too, but that just goes with the territory of dealing in a client services world and of course I couldn’t possibly comment any further than that. I’m lucky, all of the clients I work on are great, no really – I shit you not.

I gotta go now, Jord just rang me “dad, you coming to get me or not” he says. Wants me to take him out to help him choose his trainers which is a bit of a bollocks really, because what he really means is that dad is going to go out and just buy the trainers that he has his eye on but..yes of course, he’s m y son and I love him so, I’ll do what dad’s do and stick my hand in my pocket no doubt.

What about you? Who do you work with? Are they cool, do they ‘get it’? Or are they a bunch of useless tossers. I’d love to know 😀

New SEO/SEM Job required

I’m looking for a role in an SEM/SEO environment. I currently live in England but would consider relocation for the right kind of role. Areas for consideration are London Hertfordshire and California, yes you did read that right Sunny California. Anywhere north of Watford is too cold

I have worked in a solitary environment for some time now and have decided that it is something I no longer wish to do. I don’t therefore, wish to work on SEO projects that are primarily solitary or long distance telecommute in nature. I wish to work with real people in a team environment on things that are challenging and interesting. This is of primary importance.

For your information I am 39, hold a UK Passport, and am of good character.

I’ve worked with a variety of projects in the travel industry as well as a range of smaller niche type projects. I have delivered results for some very competitive phrases such as London Hotels, Paris Hotels Cheap Flights and Car Hire.

I have built all sorts of websites housed in LAMP configurations. I’ve watched websites flourish and die through a string of search engine guideline changes and have a very good grip on what is required to deliver ongoing results for quality projects.

I am also an experienced PPC marketer with a very good working knowledge of programs like Google adwords.

I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, am well presented and do not take myself too seriously. I have strong interpersonal, client facing and technical skills that would suit an ambitious organization in need of a quality SEM professional, looking to grow its client base by delivering for its clients and enhancing its reputation through doing so.

If you could do with someone like moi, or know of a team who could benefit from a person who has lived and breathed search related stuff since 1998, and have something that you think I might be interested in then do please drop me a line to watts_rob(at)

I with be available from January 30th 2008

Thank you

No agencies or recruiters please!

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