Pssst…wanna buy a link?

I’ve just installed Jim Kukrals ScratchBack widget.

You can rent a link spot on this blog for $1 per day , that’s around 4 cents per hour.

Update:I’ve changed the default to autobump which means that you will stay on the list until bumped off. Each new ‘tipper’ goes to the top of the list. This means that overtime, your link will gradually fall down the list. This might take a day or it might take a month. Give it a try, it might bring you traffic.

The great thing about Jims widget is that it is 100% search engine compliant, so no fear with any of that paid link text penalty nonsense.

What I like about this widget (and is probably a reason why I’m writing about it ) is that it’s one of those ideas that is smart in that it is capitalising on what has been a bit of a hot topic these past few months. It’s great to see someone using the whole thing in a positive way, so for that reason alone I’d like to see it become a success. It’s been around for a while but I’ve only recently seen it on Ben Cooks and Dazzlin Donnas blogs so for me at least its relatively new

Not every blogger is a html or php nerd, which is why I think that for some niche bloggers this could really be a useful little thing. It’s colourful, easy to use, easy to set up and compliant with search engine TOS. I think they take around a 10% cut of sales which is small beer for something that could easily generate a handy bit of pin money for stay at home mums or other low traffic type bloggers. You can set your own pricing, define your own colour schemes.

I’m not too sure why they decided to market it as a tipping service as at the end of the day, it all boils down to giving people some real estate on your blog in the form of a link, nicely nofollowed (boo) to keep the likes of those old search meanies happy.

The FAQ of the scratchback site states that at present publishers will receive 90% of sales but that post BETA that figure will drop. Personally speaking, I’m not so sure if I’d stick around if it dropped much lower than where it’s at and I could see a few others thinking heck, I may as well contact the advertisers myself or put together a few lines of code and do the self same thing and get all the money.

Future success will of course depend on whether they can muster sufficient traction and interest and grow the service into a well known niche blogger advertising network. There’s certainly room within the blog economy. If PPP is anything to go by then it’s clear that there are a lot of advertisers looking to get their content noticed on the pages of blogs and bloggers.

Whether they will come in droves is of course dependent upon all manner of factors relative to uptake by bloggers, ease of use and of course, value to the advertiser. The widget itself outputs the links with nofollow tags which might be a little off putting to some. That said if you happen to be of the mind that a link is a link is a link then you might well be enticed by the fact that you can specify anchor text and that the script itself doesn’t use document write to output the html.

Anyways, who’d of thought that it would take just 17 hours into 2008 before I had a ‘now why didn’t I do that’ moment 😉

Social Media Marketing, Baiting and SEO

I read a very good blog post this morning from the old linkmeister himself NickW.

He talks about linkbaiting generally, what makes for good vs what makes for bad and touches on its newly born cousin ‘widgetbait’, a term I heard for the 1st time yesterday in a private discussion with Lyndon . More on widgets further on.

Anyways, getting back to Nick. For those of you who don’t know him or have never had the pleasure/displeasure to encounter his often acerbic wit, he’s the guy responsible for setting up Threadwatch , Performancing and the recently launched click influence and is generally credited with coining the phrase Linkbait. He’s a good egg, who tells it like it is.
Besides damn hard work a big aspect behind Nick’s success with these ventures has been his ability to stimulate debate amongst the community by writing interesting content that actually has something to say.


He gets people talking about stuff. Simple huh? Very rarely will you read a longish blog from Nick that doesn’t have something to add to the mix. He wins, we win. He gains links and kudos, we learn a little and maybe grab an idea or get incentivised to modify or adapt or use whatever it is he might be talking about. Does he hit it everytime? No, of course not, he’s human like the rest of us, but he’s certainly worth some closer scrutiny…

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