Fake Car Jacking or Real ?

It’s things like this that have a habit of going viral…

funny BUT too close to where I live

Rob Watts
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5 thoughts on “Fake Car Jacking or Real ?

  1. That is almost definatly fake, no person in their right mind would wait in their car that long for the cyclist to move, they could have gone round him as well as there is a space near by….FAKE!

  2. Fake or not, this video is funny. And I get the feeling that the one who’s holding the camera is giggling hard. ‘Giggling’ because the screen jiggled a lot. Or the two, the car owner and the cyclist, are old friends who like to pull each other’s leg. 😀

  3. Thats absolutely hilarious. I agree it’s probably fake since the guy got out of his car when it was still a good 3 meters away, whereas I would have been right up his arse (ahem) but nevertheless bloody good vid.

    The girl giggling is funny too.

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