Trackbacks seem to be broken thank god for Technorati and Y!

QSP (quick short post)- Hmmn seems that trackbacks have gone a little skew whiff here. I’m reluctant to do a little upgrade as the last time I did everything broke and…god what a nightmare that was.

So if you have pinged me and I haven’t responded or acknowledged what you said, its not that I’m being some rude arrogant arse, its just that I’m kinda reliant on technorati and that terribly crappy search engine‘s site explorer to see whats what and where.

Waste of time mentioning Google as their backlink thing has been broken forever and a day… oh hang on I guess there is blogsearch

Rob Watts
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4 thoughts on “Trackbacks seem to be broken thank god for Technorati and Y!

  1. Hey Rob,

    My Technorati thing doesn’t work anymore, sometimes I get a message “unknown blog” or last updated 14 days back, sent them two emails, they didn’t look into it yet. Not that its a big deal but still wondering what could have gone wrong.

    Take care and Cheers.

  2. I wish there was a better way out there to find links than Technorati. It seems like it’s pretty unreliable. At least it’s better than the good ole days waiting for 3 months to find them in Google!

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