Google Position One Accounted for 75% of Clicks #ajaxserps

SERP Ajaxification Gives Your GA Data Juice!

I read a great post yesterday on Joost’s blog by Andre Scholten that discussed tracking keyword ranking positions in Google Analytics – genius and well, I could babble on about it forever as it has been the missing part in any analysis for like, ever! Excellent stuff guys!

It’s all been made possible by the ajaxification of the Google serps . Matt Cutts talked about this ajaxification back in March, (you can see it on youtube here ) saying that Google were testing and that < 1% of users would see this behaviour. Based on my numbers, it would seem that this test has been ramped up some as at least 8% of my visitors used this yesterday to reach the site I’m discussing.

So, with all this in mind I thought it would be cool to set it up and to see what kinds of traffic share each position gave. It’s a limited sample of  1 days data( follow up post will follow with bigger numbers) showing amongst other things the importance of position one in Goog for ones keywords and the value of choosing a good SEO to get you there. Continue reading

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