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Just Another Social Monitoring Tool?

Not just another social media monitoring tool

I’m writing this post on an iPhone whilst watching Arsenal trail 2-1 to Stoke, a testament to the interconnected world we inhabit today. A world where we can interact w/ our networks from virtually anywhere, a world where the old constraints of modems and hard wired cables in a phone socket are but a bemusing memory of a place left alone in the roadmap of time.

Back then we usually had to wait before reading a response to a post or a comment. Facebook and Twitter, the proliferation of other nkotb like foursquare, gowalla, brightkite et al were just twinkles in the eye of their respective founders. Today all are becoming a mainstay of the online world, acting as sharepoints for the herds that flock to the power of their distributive connectivity; full of people chattering and networking, discussing themes and topics of their everyday lives. Lets face it, it’s nothing short of a technological social revolution; the web how it should be, as envisaged by the technerd visionaries striving to push it all that little bit further.

As a result of all this, quite a few of us have got excited by the opportunities that this activity presents. Never before has it been so easy to connect w/ people in their ‘moment’ never before has it been possible to identify so very quickly, people who are talking about you, your brand or topics and products important to your interests. The whole proliferation of listening tools that have sprung up is testament to the hunger and appetite for finding new ways of measuring, interacting and building relationships w/ those of import. Continue reading

Social Media Monitoring and Response Tool – YackSocial

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Yack Social

I’m pleased to announce the fruit of a little recent xmas obsession. A social monitoring tool for those who are scared by huge datasets ;0)

I think it’s pretty cool, it lets you listen, monitor, respond and report.

It doesn’t go out and spider the web. It just lets you choose words that are important to your brand or your competition and take samples from twitter and the blogosphere.

My view is that if its on the radar then it’ll end up in blogs or twitter. Lots of people use twitter, but few track what they are doing, simply because there are few very easy ways of doing so. This for me, goes some way to adding to that conversation.

I’ve a list of to do’s and am adding extra value as and when I get the time. Continue reading

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