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Speedlink Post with a Lazy Twist

Speedlink Post with a Lazy Twist

All time list of Blog Commenters

I’d like to say thanks to these 102 names below who have commented on this blog at some point or other, thank you all.

MarkH We use Google’s reader to keep…2007-01-02 18:41:38

sarahtowny Well at least I got to be super…2007-01-03 21:32:29

Barbara (Xerraire) welcome to blogging, been doing…2007-01-04 16:25:05

robwatts Thanks for stopping by and commenting…2007-01-04 16:33:01

cctech Super post Rob. You really…2007-01-05 21:25:28

Paula Neal Mooney I know, right? What’s the big…2007-01-07 20:00:33

Lyndoman I know what you mean about Ugly…2007-01-13 00:10:06

Joe Whyte Hey Rob,

This is a realy well…2007-01-13 02:08:27

Sarah Aww thanks for the mention!…2007-01-15 18:39:19

Hawaii SEO That’s how I found you and Lyndoman….2007-01-16 09:10:37

Matt Keegan Some people simply waste their…2007-01-22 21:06:39

Robyn McMaster Hi, you share a lot of interesting…2007-01-23 14:54:39

Brad Shorr Hi Rob,
Glad I helped inspire…2007-01-24 13:06:38

Jane Yet I am new to Mybloglog, but…2007-01-26 15:01:06

Andy Beard Isn’t MyBlogLog wonderful at…2007-01-27 12:11:13

Adam Klimowski Thanks for comment, I’ll be…2007-01-28 14:28:04

Shantanu Utterly fascinating! …I am…2007-01-31 12:44:16

David Sakol I just had the door slammed…2007-02-19 14:32:12

Dane Morgan To Robyn; There are, I believe…2007-02-26 03:39:18

Jeff Herz Thanks for the call out, though…2007-02-28 14:42:37

Carsten Cumbrowski Bait and switch is a classic…2007-03-01 11:17:36

Becky My faith in humanity will remain…2007-03-03 03:51:52

Mark from Great article – lots of additional…2007-03-03 05:05:20

Tim Nash I guess its what your trying…2007-03-04 13:15:03

Kevin Henney I think the potential for this…2007-03-05 05:29:10

Scott Rafer Hi, To the extent we know, we’re…2007-03-05 14:12:09

AgentSully Excellent post. As a new blogger…2007-03-15 04:13:24

Leftblank Very nice post, I’ve had tons…2007-03-25 15:43:41

Ashley Top Blog, Finally subjects worth…2007-03-28 10:25:13

Franck Silvestre I really don’t know. I think…2007-04-01 19:42:52

Marc Chase I just looked at that tool and…2007-04-07 10:59:41

Bri I think that 2 might actually…2007-04-10 13:29:17

Randa Clay Want to tell everyone that you’ve…2007-04-11 19:32:39

Shawn Collins The math plugin was great for…2007-04-19 18:37:43

Steve WordPressguy Nice plugin, I’ll be trying…2007-04-20 13:32:41

santaram hi thanks for adding my blog…2007-04-21 06:59:37

Mike Wow, what an awesome reply :D

The…2007-04-21 09:14:09

RK Thanks Rob! Sure looks exciting…2007-04-22 14:51:24

lyndonmaxewell hmm.. Believe it or not, I bookmark…2007-04-22 18:24:32

kuku man Wonder if my blog is a crappy…2007-04-23 12:21:10

Jules Oh I like the sounds of this!…2007-04-24 02:00:58

Robyn I’m with you Rob. A great book…2007-04-25 15:28:51

herzeleid_knits Dear god, who knew that blogging…2007-04-26 07:45:25

Keiron I love it! Clearly I am failing…2007-04-26 14:23:23

Antony Berkman Thanks for Broadening the Discussion…2007-04-27 21:20:50

Deborah Hi there,

Wow, thanks for…2007-04-30 04:11:07

Seo Blog wow… that’s an interesting…2007-05-02 20:51:29

Church of Integrity That was a great post. I have…2007-05-05 19:43:10

Laura Really sweet idea. I have a…2007-05-06 13:43:42

Jeff You obviously missed my response…2007-05-06 14:20:26

Tara I thought I would report back…2007-05-06 14:35:18

Waken Wow, this is comprehensive….2007-05-06 16:31:40

steve nice plugin, just installed…2007-05-07 13:31:38

HOBO SEO So that’s what that does! I…2007-05-08 23:14:34

TJantunen You asked a review of bidvertiser…2007-05-09 10:09:19

lisi so .. this is not out of TOC?
if…2007-05-09 11:20:55

Lyndon Antcliff Finally I got round to installing…2007-05-09 11:41:52

Derrich Amen to what Matt said. And…2007-05-09 14:55:27

Shane “I learnt I needed glasses by…2007-05-11 23:25:10

Culture Shiok! Anything for Blogger?…2007-05-12 02:12:51

Robin Bal Hey Rob,

Thanks for responding…2007-05-12 07:19:38

Angela I agree with Robin, even with…2007-05-12 20:41:34

Maria I guess I’m not the only one…2007-05-12 22:28:39

Chris Nice plugin Rob, just one thing…2007-05-13 08:44:11

David Airey :: Creative Design :: My first visit to your blog,…2007-05-14 11:53:57

Court I wish there was a better way…2007-05-15 16:38:04

Lee I tried out Bidvertiser when…2007-05-16 08:55:44

Anuj Seth Kontera works very well. I’ve…2007-05-16 18:49:18

Matt Ellsworth this is great! I can’t believe…2007-05-18 00:53:45

Moose It is a grey area, because could…2007-05-21 02:47:32

Rod I just wanted to write and congratulate…2007-05-21 12:13:57

Koordinasyon Oyun Thats just awesome, never knew…2007-05-21 15:22:37

Cindy Nice article and well done!…2007-05-22 06:14:15

Graphic Design Edinburgh Hi Rob,

Thanks for visiting…2007-05-26 16:00:30

Thomas Hansen Nice informative blog about…2007-05-26 18:57:21

Jonathan-C. Phillips Hi Rob, i tried the plugin,…2007-05-27 05:17:02

Jeff Q Thanks for the acknowledgement…2007-05-27 13:51:13

David Airey Very wise words, Rob.

Thanks…2007-05-27 15:50:58

Kickass Linkbaiter I’m obsessed by page rank and…2007-05-28 15:41:37

Shaun Anderson Matt that is quite a big photo…2007-05-29 12:38:31

Mark Barrera I think that your advice is…2007-05-30 19:48:04

Cornwall SEO If we send in cash do you promise…2007-05-30 19:55:10

Frédéric Panek Very nice information!
One…2007-05-31 05:08:43

Manila Mom I usually link using the blog…2007-06-03 17:32:04

Dexter There are lots of blogger beginning…2007-06-04 18:30:23

Turk Hit Box Hey check out this new plugin…2007-06-04 20:58:00

Shaun Google Adsense all the way!…2007-06-08 00:29:58

ace trader For some reason, I just think…2007-06-08 03:49:59

Dharm I am a big fan of Google.So…2007-06-08 10:06:12

Medicine Man The right answer is, text link…2007-06-08 13:32:22

Phishie Diaz You’ve really hit the nail on…2007-06-09 17:39:58

David Great Post. I keep coming across…2007-06-09 19:58:09

shaz google should really stop tryng…2007-06-09 22:46:31

Linkbait Cowboy For ages I have been looking…2007-06-10 06:16:02

MorganLighter Well, I might be the odd man…2007-06-12 04:55:23

Steven Interesting thoughts. It’s…2007-06-16 01:27:50

David Bradley Great idea to add the email…2007-06-18 18:48:17

Adam W Great post Rob, more people…2007-06-18 20:40:41

Everett I’ve used most of these with…2007-06-25 04:19:40

Absinthe Fever Thanks for the detailed post…2007-06-25 19:53:19

Jason I’m interested in trying out…2007-06-26 03:10:08

Andy Blimey, you get alot of comments!…2007-06-27 16:47:57

Rob Watts
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15 thoughts on “Speedlink Post with a Lazy Twist

  1. robwatts Post author

    @ David – Damn I see you were another of those smarties with varying usernames 😉 You are very welcome David

    @Andy – Trust me bloke, had I an option to close that blog and leave a noindex, follow tag I would have 😀

    I might even go back and do a little selective rejigging, although, those free wordpress domains give you little options for messing about like that. You can’t install plugins for example, neither can you set up permanent redirects either. The only saving grace is the export option db option.

    I paid $15 dollars to have the option to edit the css file, mistakingly thinking I could do things like edit themes and what not. Live and learn!

  2. Robyn

    Hi Rob, I’m impressed with the amount of time I’m sure it took to create this very long list! I note lots of folks continue to have fun pulling your leg!

  3. robwatts Post author

    @Robyn – Hi Robyn, I cheated and did it programatically 😀

    @Derrich – Hear you on the spamment front, although – trust me when i say that those types are usualy gone in a heartbeat, unless its a subtley elegant spamment of course 😀

  4. robwatts Post author

    Robyn, I don’t know about intelligences – I have a few ‘lack of’s’ I could tell you about 😉

    You are right though, we all have out little part to play in this thing called life, no man is an island and all that stuff 🙂

    I’m kinda made up with that execphp plugin. I’d been quietly thinking of ways of running php directly in blog posts for some time and this has enabled it.

    The beauty of this particular post is that as people comment elsewhere on this blog, their name gets added to the list. Ok, hardly super exciting I know, but a backlink nonetheless

  5. Mike

    Well I meant to reply to this post the other day but of course I got distracted by something shiny. I was going to say something witty like “Now THAT’S a speed linking list”, but now that I’ve returned the list seems to have disappeared and has been replaced by a php statement =/

    At any rate thanks for linking to me the other day, Rob 😀

    I haven’t abandoned your advice, btw. I may be starting a new site soon with a friend, where I think all the great advice you gave me will come in very handy 🙂

  6. seo advice Post author

    Hi Mike, damn, I dont know what happened there – off to sniff out back to see what!

    edit:Hmmn very weird, its no longer working as it was. Thank the stars for a search engine cache 😀

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