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Social Media Monitoring and Response Tool – YackSocial

Social Media Monitoring and Response Tool – YackSocial

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Yack Social

I’m pleased to announce the fruit of a little recent xmas obsession. A social monitoring tool for those who are scared by huge datasets ;0)

I think it’s pretty cool, it lets you listen, monitor, respond and report.

It doesn’t go out and spider the web. It just lets you choose words that are important to your brand or your competition and take samples from twitter and the blogosphere.

My view is that if its on the radar then it’ll end up in blogs or twitter. Lots of people use twitter, but few track what they are doing, simply because there are few very easy ways of doing so. This for me, goes some way to adding to that conversation.

I’ve a list of to do’s and am adding extra value as and when I get the time.

I could have sat here and refined and refined for ever and a day but…you’ve  just gotta put things out there and see what they do sometimes.

If you encounter the odd bug, then do let me know. I’m working on it daily, so apologies if you find one. I might buy you a pint if I meet you.

It’s a chargeable, but it should make your life a little easier, especially if you are a PR, SEO, Marketing  or Sales person.

It isn’t a state of the art ‘grab the web’ tool. They already exist. I’m not re-inventing the wheel.

It’s designed to let you take stock of real time and deal with it in the here and now.

Through using it you can:

  • Identify sales opps
  • Identify marketing opps
  • Deal with Crisis Comms
  • Send messages to internal depts
  • Check activity overtime and get learnings
  • Identify Retweeted Links
  • Identify Social Influencers
  • Identify the most active people  for a keyword in a timeline
  • Export Reports to Excel
  • Create Charts and Graphs
  • Detect sentiment automatically
  • Mark Sentiment
  • Interactwith Twitter
  • Create up to 5 campaigns
  • Use Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Use a Single Login with multiple aliases

Additional add ons in development are:

  • The ability to add negative keywords
  • The ability to geo target keywords
  • Linkedin Integration
  • Foursquare Integration
  • Email reports
  • Customise reports

The GEO targetting aspect mightn’t be as effective for keyword purposes, simply because of people not geo tagging their tweets. Know a tweeter? et them to geo tag their tweets!!

Initial price during Beta is just £45 per month for early bird users

I’m going to go freemium but need to recode aspects of the sign up process watch this space.

All those who sign up before the end of January will get a free month too. You can get it here

If you don’t find it useful, then after 5 days, just cancel your subscription.  Stay longer and it’s a one month rolling commitment.

Use it and it gets interesting, choose your keywords judiciously and see what it puts together for you.

For those who want professional insight over and above what you can glean by yourself, there are additional custom social media reports available at extra cost.  These are written by people like me and are not cheap.

If you want a great list of other tools on the market then you can find a great list here .:)

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  3. Luke Brynley-Jones

    Hi Rob. I just tried it out. I like the Tweetdeck-style layout and overall simplicity, but how do I restrict my search to specific phrases, rather than 'all words'? Inverted commas – e.g. “Our Social Times” – don't seem to work.

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