Great Viral ideas – make one for yourself and get traffic

This is great, its a write a song for SEO contest! 😀

Original huh? You can win a $1000-00 too.

If I was gonna enter I’d give it this, played real real slow with heavy emphasis on the riffs.

Aint no rankings when SERPs gone
There’s no traffic when she’s away
Aint no money when they’re gone
And they’re always gone too long
Anytime the bot goes away..

Bill Withers Aint no sunshine

The point is though – its an original idea that people like and are playing with. By coming up with original ideas, posts, points of view you’ll get readers, grow your traffic and have a blog where people engage and interact. Isn’t that a primary aim for all?

Get to it, lazy mo fo’s

Rob Watts
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4 thoughts on “Great Viral ideas – make one for yourself and get traffic

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement Rob! I will encourage you though to submit your song entry. The more the better. You’ve got a good start …

    Thanks again!

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