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SEO Job in London? SEO Vacancies London

SEO Job in London? SEO Vacancies London

SEO Job Vacancies in London

This is a post for people trying to find an SEO Job in London, although if you want to find an SEO in London then the preceding link will help too.

Yes, the point of this post is sort of aimed at people who are SEO’s who are looking to come to London to work in SEO, or are seeing SEO as part of their career path.

See, the company I work with is pretty damn good at what it does. There’s a good reason why it is too, it’s because all of us are working hard to be the best at what it is we deliver. We all get search with a passion and employ sad mothers like me who <3 SEM.

Search enthusiasts love SEO

Everyone of us with the exception of perhaps RC (love ya Rob just kidding) works damn hard at excelling at what they do and doing their utmost for their clients. I shit you not when I say that as a team of people focused towards an objective there are few other companies I know of that commit to a task in the way that we do and strive to deliver on what we promise. We work with some top notch brands too, so it isn’t like you’ll be stuck doing same ol same ol everyday. You’ll get exposed to cutting edge, and benefit from the experience of many years of screen starers many of who have done SEO in their underpants too.

Our SEO dept, (the focus of this post), right now at least, could do with a few extra pairs of hands.

We don’t want any old tosspot though ( we have that in me already) .

Ideally, we want people who are passionate about search and who get it. We want people who live and breath this shit day in day out; people who get the connections between the on page and the off, the elements that make them important, people who can look at web pages or link profiles and say ” duh, fool, that’s missing or that’s wrong” people who question and interrogate, people who know that search isn’t just about links and their number, people who get the whole holistic approach, the 360 viewpoint and importance of all. People who want to work in an environment of knowledge and personal development with people who like to laugh at themselves and monkey around after hours.

If that sounds like you, then ping me an email, leave me a message in a comment or just go to the link mentioned and send them an email saying that so and so Rob Watts sent you. Pay? Yeah you’ll get that too, although I can’t say what it is, as it’s dependent upon the usual set of checkboxes, but it’ll be competitive that’s for sure.

Last I heard we don’t use agencies so sorry and all that, I wouldn’t waste your time if you are an RC.

We currently have SEO Job vacancies in London and SEO Career Opportunities in Warrington so the choice is yours.

Finally, the views of this blog and this post are not those of my employer etc yadda and yes, it’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting here trying to get a person like you to work with a company like the one at which I’m employed which either; makes me very sad or tells you a little about the company itself.

Hope to see you around, I’m off out to order a pimp outfit for the xmas party in wazza.

Rob Watts
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