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Latitude SEO

Latitude are Hiring SEO  People Are you looking for an SEO role? Latitude are hiring in London and Warrington for SEO’s and PPC experts. I wrote a post here a while back when we were looking for SEO people in London. We did well then and found someone pretty awesome! …

SEO Job in London? SEO Vacancies London

SEO Job Vacancies in London This is a post for people trying to find an SEO Job in London, although if you want to find an SEO in London then the preceding link will help too. Yes, the point of this post is sort of aimed at people who are…

SEM Role Acquired – Attention span required

This isn’t really an SEO type post. It relates to the whole job seeking thing and my recent experience of it, feel free to read it if you like, you might fall asleep or you might even learn something. I’m not qualified to say which, you can be the judge…

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