Yahoo’s confesses its algo is poor and needs a little help

Yahoo! annouced a new tag today, supposedly aimed at helping webmasters to section off aspects of their pages so that spiders don’t index content that is superfluous to the meat and gravy of the page. The ‘what a great way to flag seo’d pages’ factor aside, lets look at what they are saying with regard to usefulness and the webmaster.

The “robots-nocontent” tag is a useful tool for webmasters.

  • It can improve our focus on the main content of your pages.
  • It helps target your pages in search results by making sure the appropriate deep page in your site can surface for the right queries.
  • It helps improve the abstracts for your pages in results by identifying unrelated text on the page and thus omitting it from consideration for the search result summaries.

Those bullet points are interesting. Lets have a look at them in reverse. Nope, not reverse order, but reverse logic. Lets see what can be determined by flipping the logic around.

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