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Really really bad blackhat SEO

Really really bad blackhat SEO

Matt Cutts just made me laugh out loud in a comment on his blog. (emphasis mine)

I’m definitely not saying that “people that do SEO are bad” (at all), or even that sites that embrace blackhat SEO are likely to cut corners in business. Just that sites that embrace really really bad blackhat SEO are perhaps a tiny fractional bit more likely to cut other corners than regular businesses. That opinion comes from seeing some examples over the years like the one that I mentioned in my post.

I mean there’s obviously just plain old run of the mill  ‘blackhat SEO’ which I understand resides somewhere along the dark hidden recesses in the subterranean sewers of the SEOsphere – So I can imagine that ‘bad blackhat SEO’ must be pretty ugly in comparison, positively residing in some place a whole lot worse than that perhaps.

Continuing down the scale there would be that ‘really bad blackhat seo’ stuff  which just kind of makes me shake and quiver and almost vomit. I can’t even begin to imagine the blackhearted evilness that folks who practice this kinda stuff get up to. Jeepers, its a scary thought to behold.

So I’m imagining that  ‘really really bad blackhat SEO’ stuff is the triple xxx rated super dooper nasty nasty nasty stuff practiced by the most heinous of the heinous, whilst possibly imbibing on babies blood.

How would you rate the various gradations? Or is Matt just adding to that very subtle message of PPC good, SEO bad, albeit tiny fractionally…

Rob Watts
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33 thoughts on “Really really bad blackhat SEO

  1. Terry Reeves

    Now was he referring to bad in the evil way or bad in the “I can’t believe they are that stupid” way. Because I have seen that last type of BH BS and it always makes me shake my head and smile a little.

    I guess they figure, so many web sites, how will they ever know?

  2. pittfall

    This is what I think Matt’s scale is:
    Online Marketer
    Greyhat SEO
    Bad Blackhat
    Really Bad Blackhat
    Really Really Bad Blackhat

  3. robwatts Post author

    @pitfall – Now that’s a scale – love the MIL placement 😀

    @Terry – it would be great to hear a definition.

    if (Blackhat SEO == bait and switch useragent cloaking) {
    $guyisadirtyspammer = true;

    Then what does really really bad blackhat seo actually equate to?

    I doubt we’ll get a definitive, but its crystal clear (in my lil head) what the subtext is, and it isn’t pro SEO!

  4. SEO Tracy

    Pitfall your scale is quite accurate, but I have to wonder where a real estate agent comes in. With their cheesy head shots and the ads bragging about sales, general opinion puts them in comparison to lawyers with the public.

  5. Igor The Troll

    Rob, I think Matt has been hanging around Deap Throat in parking garages too long while working at NSA, so he does not like Black Hats and Gray Coats..:)

  6. robwatts Post author

    Igor, whilst I appreciate that you are simply expressing your contempt for Matt in your own inimitable way, I must add that my blog isn’t really the place to do it. At least not in the style you just used.

    I’m more than happy to discuss issues that stem from statements like I’ve referenced above, but please try to remember that this isn’t an attack Matt or attack Google blog!


  7. Igor The Troll

    Hey Rob, anyone takes anything that someone says on the Net as personal they better get a next door cave to Bin Laden. The Net is full of Worm Holes..:)

    I was just doing security work for WikiPedia and this what I got as compensation for my hard work.

    Talk about Stalking and Fixation. I feel like Princess Dee with all the Paparazzi. I need to get a per of Ray bans and join MIB, or MI5 as you Brits like to call it. But I think Masada is my calling card being me is an Israelite.

    So imagine if what I just said was True ™ that would be some Sardonic Humor!

  8. robwatts Post author

    Well – ultimately, for me and many others I’m sure it’s all down to respect; these walled communities can very quickly take on a lord of the flies mentality which if you dare challenge or borderline troll then…you know the drill.

    You see, I can say what I like here, it’s my blog I can rant, yell, swear but at the same time, I also have to think about what i write and how what I say impacts those who read me, because ultimately, SEO and search stuff is what I do, it pays my bills. I have had clients, I now have a new employer, I have potential partners, allies etc all of whom I want to work with in some way and be productive with. Consequently, this spills over into other areas that I participate too; in essence my rep follows me around, the net for the robwatts identity at least is not an anonymous place. If I were to go to other places and be aggressively verbal on their spaces then I shouldn’t be too surprised if they hit back or take exception. At the same time, is it not what we say, but how we say it? There are many ways of describing a thing of ugliness; the words we use to do so speak volumes of our character and no doubt inform the responses of those taking the time to respond.

    At the same time yes, if we worried too much what others said about us then we’d be very paranoid indeed. I guess that at some point it comes down to how you’d like to be perceived/received. If you show no respect then you’ll get little back, if you agitate with malice then you’ll probably get back the same too.

    Anyhow, this is a little OT to the thread! The bottom line for me is keep it civil. Lose your rag, you lose the argument.

  9. robwatts Post author

    Igor, I guess that technically you could say that it does indeed relate to stuff that is black hat turd, yet alas not of too much use to anyone trying to learn about the topic. Other than perhaps, a little look at how one particular mover and shaker sees the whole shaboogle.

    As for god, I’d say that god gives us all a lot of choices and that some of these choices may indeed appear to be laden in turd. The key thing is to appreciate the message and learn from the lessons they teach.

  10. robwatts Post author

    Igor, you’re not such a bad old stick yourself, for a troll 😉

    I’ll most certainly take the time to do that, maybe you should edit your post links and advertise your blog too.

    Take it easy.

  11. Blackhat

    well right now all the really bad black hat seo webmasters are fighting over scraps, most of their huge scraper sites have been dumped and banished to supplemental results, only the elite will survive, only the best black hat seo ‘ers know how not to trip those filters in the algo

  12. Jayson

    I think Matt makes a good point. If a business is willing to throw away their Internet business when they get caught, who says their not going to throw away my business on the drop of a dime. It’s a business choice and I can’t see businesses that plan on lasting embracing really really bad black hat seo.

  13. Justin

    I agree with Matt’s comment. I don’t see BH as bad, but I’d never use it on any legit site. Its just too much risk and a short term tactic. Too dumb to use for a long term site.

    And the scale toward the top of the comments is great

  14. robwatts Post author

    I guess anyone who does anything outside of the Google guidelines is technically engaging in blackhat. If you do stuff that breaks their tos, then they can and will kill you. Especially if you aren’t a big brand. You can be as quiet as you like but if a competitor can spot your paid links and then takes the time to rat you in then if the web spam person is having a bad day and feels like being an ass then you are dead. It’s that simple really.

  15. Igor The Troll

    Rob, Google is playing nasty! It just deindexed my Social Media Fail post

    I wonder if it is a SandBox effect or Matt Cutts and his goons are doing manual tweaking!

    While I still get about 40% of my total hits to my business website from Google the clicks do not really converge. Most of the sales are done from old customers and word of mouth because of our dedicated service for the past 15 years.

    Most of my blog and forum visitors come from Social Media networks.

    Google is really losing relevancy, and have been so for the past few years!

    All Brands need to ask themselves is their Life after google and how do you live! Use Google but do not make it your bread and butter.

    Use Google to reference your brand as you promote it accross the Internet!

  16. robwatts Post author

    Igor, you haven’t exactly endeared yourself to those guys at Google so who knows ;). They control the medium and the message. MSM won’t touch on the fine specifics and nuances of some of the stuff that people critical of Google and their policies expound on. It wasn’t until I read your post that I remembered a video I’d watched some years back. It’s title was ‘manufacturing consent’. I’ll leave you to be the judge of whether there are any similarities to those very words and some of the recent actions of our friends in the search community.

  17. Igor The Troll

    Without even watching the video I will say this. Google is dangerous because of it’s footprint and the special interest groups behind it. It is social engineering society!

    1984media and Kafka!

    Adam Lasnik and Matt Cutts are violating Google corporate code of conduct with their personal dislike and abuse of me!

    That is conflict of interest.

  18. MB Web Design

    It’s not a democracy though is it? It’s Google’s work and Google’s money invested in the product, so if they decide to blacklist you, you really can’t complain to anyone, even if you haven’t done anything to warrant it. As rob said, it depends how strictly you interpret ‘black hat’, and perhaps more importantly, how strictly the person reviewing your website at Google HQ decides to interpret ‘black hat’.

  19. living in a frugal way

    I actually came here searching for really really bad bad and horribly death inducing blackheat seo but sadly you only talk about really bad blackhat seo….

    Any idea where I can find out about eally really bad bad and horribly death inducing blackheat seo?


    On a serious note, everyone does a bit of optimizing but I think it gets really bad when you click on an childrens educational link in google and it takes you to an pron site…. That is just plain wrong

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