really really bad blackhat seo

Really really bad blackhat SEO

Matt Cutts just made me laugh out loud in a comment on his blog. (emphasis mine)

I’m definitely not saying that “people that do SEO are bad” (at all), or even that sites that embrace blackhat SEO are likely to cut corners in business. Just that sites that embrace really really bad blackhat SEO are perhaps a tiny fractional bit more likely to cut other corners than regular businesses. That opinion comes from seeing some examples over the years like the one that I mentioned in my post.

I mean there’s obviously just plain old run of the mill  ‘blackhat SEO’ which I understand resides somewhere along the dark hidden recesses in the subterranean sewers of the SEOsphere – So I can imagine that ‘bad blackhat SEO’ must be pretty ugly in comparison, positively residing in some place a whole lot worse than that perhaps.

Continuing down the scale there would be that ‘really bad blackhat seo’ stuff  which just kind of makes me shake and quiver and almost vomit. I can’t even begin to imagine the blackhearted evilness that folks who practice this kinda stuff get up to. Jeepers, its a scary thought to behold.

So I’m imagining that  ‘really really bad blackhat SEO’ stuff is the triple xxx rated super dooper nasty nasty nasty stuff practiced by the most heinous of the heinous, whilst possibly imbibing on babies blood.

How would you rate the various gradations? Or is Matt just adding to that very subtle message of PPC good, SEO bad, albeit tiny fractionally…

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