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No redirection with WordPress

No redirection with WordPress

I love wordpress, its a great product. I used it recently on a free subdomain of theirs and wrote a few posts. I wasn’t sure I was going to get into this blogging lark so thought it was a handy half way house. I didn’t want to go out and get a domain to put it on, upload the scripts and configure it unless I was really sure that I was going to get in to it.

10 days later I’m kinda hooked. I like spouting off and venting about stuff that pisses me off or interests me or just bemuses/amuses me.

So last night I bit the bullet. I exported all the old posts to the new WP setup here and went out and sourced the various plugins and themes I wanted to use.

I looked through the upgrade options in my cp and didn’t see anything on redirection. Saw a little bit about url masking and all that, but nothing on what I wanted, which was a simple “301 this content has been moved permanantly” to where you are at now.

For the curious amongst you that would be

header(“HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”);

I mailed support too,only to be told that currently, its not a feature they offer or support. I can see why they’d be averse to their users having the capacity to do it themselves. Free wordpress subdomains don’t allow you to insert PHP or javascript.They’d hardly want loads of little spammers running around abusing the trust score of the parent domain for starters.

The odd thing is I would have quite happily have paid for this. I didn’t expect them to do it for nothing. It would have saved me from having to go back over everything ive written and close commenting and put up a link to the new location. I could just delete it too, alas the seo in me just cringes at the resultant loss of link love. Not to mention my huge army of feedburner subscribers, a whole 3 in number 😉 oh, and search engine visitors looking for Dirk fuckin Benedict!Mustn’t forget those eh.

I was surprised at the trust and authority conveyed to the domain. I doubt whether any of what I write here will rank for anything for some time. Its a brand new domain, has little to nothing link love too…but, we shall see, of course, I’m not exactly bothered.

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