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Can the power of blogs remove ranking restraints?

I’m looking for people who would be prepared to participate in a ranking experiment, with the specific aim of determining whether blog power can unshackle domains that have sat with ranking restraints over a prolonged period of time. The minus 31 penalty is the phenomenum whereby a site doesn’t rank…

Run a local business? Get directorified!

John Andrews posted today about MFA (made for adsense ) sites appearing in #1 place positions in competitive SERPS (search engine results pages) One of his commenters remarked A lot of our customers are small, local area businesses that serve their niche market very well, but the top SERPs are…

Google Ranking – Want to perform well? Bring on the subs.

If you’ve ever launched a new website, especially since 2005, then you’ll know that it can take quite some time to be found for your target kw’s and phrases within the search engines.This is a little look at Google and how it treats new domains and how trust and authority…

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