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 Turn your blogs in audio MP3 files – Give your readers the option to  listen too

I’ve expressed an opinion on podcasts in the past , today I sold my soul to the big audio devil in the sky and added the odiogo WP plugin to my blog.

You’ll see a little icon at the top of my blog posts where you can listen to an mp3 file of the content.

Odiogo grabs your rss feed and converts the text into an audio file. The voice isn’t perfect of course, but nonetheless I think its a cool little extra. They also host the content meaning you will not get hit with a huge bandwidth bill from your host either.

From the official odiogo site

Turn readers into listeners, and transform your blog into a high quality, ad-supporting broadcast that can vastly expand your audience reach!

At present the service is completely free. I’d imagine that as they build up sufficient traction and user base, they’ll seek out monetisation options, probably via the use of inserted audio ads at the end or beginning of ones content. Perhaps they’ll offer a paid or a pro version enabling you to opt out, we shall see…

Thus far, I kinda like it, let me know what you think.

You can subscribe to the feed for this site here


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Don’t turn me off

Ever go to a webpage only to find the extension of someones ego splattered all over it by way of a ‘cheery’ little ditto or cheesy corporate adblurb? You know the type, ‘Welcome to wearefeckingreat.com the leading innovator in top notch BS’.

I guess its one of the reasons why I browse with my audio switched to off. If its 3am and my kids are asleep, I really don’t need them hearing it. Why do people do this? God knows; bad design choices I guess. Too much of an ‘Oh I love what I have so much I want to force it on every person who shows up’ syndrome going on.

IOW sound for some of us,just doesn’t cut it. We don’t want it shoved in our mushes, choice is the order of the day. Which brings me on to a particular blog fad that I’ve seen pop up here and there. Continue reading

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