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Earn Money from Blogging – Get paid to write reviews

Earn Money from Blogging – Get paid to write reviews

ReviewMe! just sent me an email announcing some changes to their product.

ReviewMe is a service that enables bloggers to write reviews on companies and products and get paid for doing so. The price they are paid was, prior to this upgrade based upon a number of key metrics relative to Alexa, Technorati and RSS feed subscribers. They’ve since changed this and enabled you to set your own price.

I think this is a useful change as it enables me to pitch my time at a level thats more acceptable to me. My blog for example, is relatively new. My metrics therefore are relatively low; this equated to a low price being generated by their auto calculation system. As I can now set my price to something that I feel is more reflective of my time and viewpoints, I’m happy to put up a little badge here and invite you guys to have your product or blog, or site even reviewed.

If you are an advertiser then its a great way of getting people to write about what you do. You’ll get some  unbiased killer feedback on what you do. If I think your service is lacking, I’ll tell you and I’ll say why too. If I think its great, then again, I’ll do the very same.So, if you have a great product or service that you believe in and would like to have bloggers in your niche talking about it, then here is a great opportunity. Check out ReviewMe! 

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