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paid reviews

Paid posts are the devil incarnate according to search engines

All commercial content should contain nofollow outward links, all of it.. Read in isolation that’s some statement huh? Yet if you read the posts at Ted Murphy and Andy Beard regarding Google and paid reviews, then that would be a fair conclusion to arrive at. Seems that Matt Cutts has…

Making money from your Blog – What is your favourite method?

Blogging for profit? Ok, not everyone wants to monetise their blog – some people equate money and blogging as some kind of dirty word almost. Some people still like to write for the hell of it and couldn’t really give a rats arse for any kind of monetary payback. Their…

Bidvertiser Review (Sponsored)

This is a sponsored review of the bidvertiser advertising program. It contains affiliate links to the bidvertiser program. I signed up with bidvertiser after reading Andy Beard’s Bidvertiser Review I even blogged on it myself too. You can sign up as an Advertiser, a Publisher or Both. They also have…

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