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Is your expert link builder worth the trouble?

Don't buy questionable link building packages, buy good ones I was just talking with a friend about link building. He's a small biz chap with a good product and looking to try and grow what he does. He asked me for my thoughts on link building and it got me…

7 gift ideas for men and geeks

Christmas  Gift Ideas for Geek and Dudes So it’s Monday morning and a year to the day of the first post I've decided to edit this one and add and subtract  a product or two so, here are a few gift ideas for dudes and geeks. Looking for Xmas gifts for ones dad…

Is the unwritten contract between Google and Webmasters broken?

I'm writing this on a phone so forgive the formatting and lack of links and screenshots, i'll tidy up later. Online: men's and women watches. There's a lot of change on Google these days, a lot of activity in spaces that Google were once content to monetize with ads.The clear…

Dear Google, Stop Trying to Control the World’s Information

Yet Another Woe No More Analytics Post So, Google decided to take the gloves off and twist the screw that little bit harder down on organic search. Caution, I suspect I might curse and swear and rant a little but hey, you can always hit the back button :) I'm…

@virginmedia broadband customer services woes

Virgin Media Broadband Customer Services Sucks Update:I wanted to add that eventually my problem was resolved. FWIW I think VM do have people who are genuinely dedicated to delivering a quality product and that there are amongst their number some very good CS people. My personal thanks go out to…

Old Mahalo Had a Farm SE SEO

Don't feed the pigs excrement I was thinking about the recent farmer update and around some of the things said and around how the algo might work and how new or existing farmers might keep on feeding the pigs and chickens.  A side win is that it also helps one…

Bing, Google, Cookie Jars and Data Scrapes

Bing Bong Bell, Google's in Da Hell There's a been a lot of noise about Bing and Google this week regarding Bing stealing Google results. Matt Cutts is at the centre of it having had a bit of a ding dong with Harry Shum see video below (40 mins long)…

How Important Are Marketing Conferences and Events to You?

Marketing Conferences - which ones matter to you? In an age of information overload - marketers and techies have to choose wisely in their choice of which conferences to attend. If you are a speaker or product promoter, then it's vital to get your voice heard before your prospects and…

Paul Carr Invisible Journo Hacked by Cloaking Script

Paul Carr Tech journo for Techcrunch, Guardian and author of various books has had his Wordpress install hacked. For those who haven't heard of him, he's the guy who deleted his 10,000 follower twitter account, Facebook account and practically every other social web service out there, thus rendering himself, almost…

Is there a long term future for PPC management of large accounts?

Should large PPC advertisers outsource their PPC management? I thought I'd ask the question, and see what others think.. My 2 cents is that I think there's a bright future for the management of SME accounts as many SME's will seldom have the experience or expertise to manage their accounts…