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How easy is it to determine a good or a bad link?

Is that a Good Link or a Bad Link? I played with a new tool this morning. It was some kind of link evaluation tool. It purported to tell you whether a link from a URL was good or bad or somewhere in the middle. Cool, I thought. So I…

Buying and Selling Links to Rank on Google in 2013

Everyone buys and sells links So, if buying links that pass Page Rank is against Google's terms of service and to do so means a potential ding to your rankings what should you do? Not buy links? But wait, what IS buying links exactly? Where is the line drawn? Are…

Slapped with a bouquet of barbed links

Spam spam spam!I was going to say something about Interflora but It's pretty much been said by virtually the whole SEO world now so I won't but I will talk about various issues arising as there's always value in pulling that apart.In terms of penalties, of the 10's of 1000's of…

The Magic Box of Glut – Wizards, Sampmerians, Elves and Pink Marshamallow Castles

The Magic Box of Gluttony in the Land of Glut A world without search Once upon a time there was a magical world called Glut - Everything happened in the world of Glut, the people within it did all manner of things. They built pink castles from weather resistant marshmallows…

A Value Added 2013 to all

2013 - Wow, how'd that happen? I don't post much these days (you noticed huh?). You could say I got bored with stating the obvious or adding to the general noise of the blah blah blah brigade. There's little value add to that. "Value add" seems to be a prevailing…

Dear Redacted

Dear redacted Further to our discussion the other day, please find a bit of a brain dump below. If you don't understand what I'm talking about then it's no surprise that we'll keep treading mud, so hopefully this will help :) Just like those big buy now messages with phone…

Is your expert link builder worth the trouble?

Don't buy questionable link building packages, buy good ones I was just talking with a friend about link building. He's a small biz chap with a good product and looking to try and grow what he does. He asked me for my thoughts on link building and it got me…