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Colour Psychology – Blue sky, green fields, white serenity

The psychology of colour It occured to me that some of the websites I like to read or visit, and some Ive just stumbled upon or viewed out of curiosity have that nice blue, green and white mix going on. I'm turned off by dark stuff, I don't want to…

Affiliate thoughts for 2007 – keeping ahead of the chop

Easy come easy go...  It's no news to say that the days of easy rankings with easy commissions are long gone. With some search engines, it just no longer works. Anyone, and lots are, can whack up a DB or add a feed from some central source. It's child play, and from…

Google and People and 007

I was just over at Matt Cutts's blog reading his thoughts on some of the challenges that he sees  Google generally facing through 007. He talked about Googlers in general almost suggesting that they were of the same pod, well not directly perhaps, but it was a thought that occured to…

So I have a blog

Well, I have a few actually, the difference with this one is that I'm actually public and posting as me! Gosh, I'm brave. Im basically gonna use this space to say what I think about the searchscape and other tech related stuff. I'm gonna set up a dedicated url non…