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Pssst…wanna buy a link?

I’ve just installed Jim Kukrals ScratchBack widget. You can rent a link spot on this blog for $1 per day , that’s around 4 cents per hour. Update:I’ve changed the default to autobump which means that you will stay on the list until bumped off. Each new ‘tipper’ goes to…

Paid posts are the devil incarnate according to search engines

All commercial content should contain nofollow outward links, all of it.. Read in isolation that’s some statement huh? Yet if you read the posts at Ted Murphy and Andy Beard regarding Google and paid reviews, then that would be a fair conclusion to arrive at. Seems that Matt Cutts has…

Give a little link love say no to nofollow remove the link condoms

Nofollow and wordpress why I’m removing the rewrite I was having a read here and there today about nofollow, and was left saying to myself hmmn well at least I don’t employ the damn thing, and if I do its usually with a nudge and a wink poking fun at…

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