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London SEO Beer and Heep Hop thang a microformat SERP test

London SEO Geek fest May 18, 2009 7pm – SEO London SMX Beer UP with Search Geeks and Stuff at London, UK A night on the lash with search dudes and colleagues and friends and a lil beta heep hop and spinning of the wheels Tags: londonseo beer smx

6 SEO Blogs I try and read daily

What blogs do you read daily? I have quite a few in my feedreader some of which I check out daily. Here are my current flavours of the day. Andy Beard – Andy writes some killer posts. Full of interesting little muses search and tech related. Don’t just take my…

Handy Tools – LinkedIn Generator

Andy  has created a handy little thing for the networkers amongst you the LinkedIn Fast generator Heres mine 🙂  

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