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In a recent thread, Andy talked about building a ‘posts you may have missed’ plugin.

5 recent posts you may have missed
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Whilst building my tumbleweed plugin, I found myself stumbling on the sql for the code required to pull the info, so decided to save Andy the trouble and anyone else for that matter and build the thing myself.

You can download it here and see it in action at the bottom of my homepage.

Ill jif it up soon so that you can use it in your sidebars too, but i’ve got to do a little work on it to curtail the post lengths 1st.

Enjoy, and keep an eye out for improvements as time permits.

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Tumbleweed Plugin – Get more comments on your blog posts

Last updated:July 3rd 2007  Download it here Ok as promised in a prior post Ive put together a little plugin to calculate your TR ratio.

The measurement is worked out a little like this

It counts your last 3 months number of posts and then subtracts the number of posts that were commented on. With the remainding number, it calculates what this is as a percentage of your 3 month post rate.

So, in my case – during the last 90 days I made 35 posts of which 16 received less than 3 comments. My blog therefore is currently TR6 (45% of my blog posts received no comments)

If your % is between

0 – 9 congrats you are a TR10
9- 16 not bad, TR9
16-24 TR8
24-36 TR7
36-46 TR6
46 -56 TR5
56-66 TR4
66-76 TR3
76-89 TR2
89-100 TR1

It also outputs 5 posts from the last 90 days that haven’t received comments. It pulls these out randomly, so your visitors get to see different titles they may have missed. It’s similar to the 5 posts you may have missed plugin, with the added bonus of a TR score 😀

How does this help?

Lots of people make really good posts yet don’t have the readership to see them. The blogosphere is a huge sea of millions of voices with something to say.As your readership grows, and your blog gains traction, your new readers might not be aware of some of your previous kick arse posts. This plugin helps them to see these, and also gives you a fun little way of measuring your post to comment ratio metrics. The higher the number the better you are doing. It could also act as a useful reminder that you need to work harder on your blog and get out there and promote it. It would also be interesting to see how this thing could pan out across the WP community too.Anyways, hope you like it and find it useful.

disclaimer:Some server set ups are fairly restrictive, for most WP users there shouldn’t be any problems, someone contacted me earlier to advise that they had an install issue. If this occurs for you, then I will try and help you out, but cannot promise anything. Ive tested it on 2 servers thus far and it works fine. I am using the latest copy of WP, do ensure that you are doing the same. You are reminded that this is free and you use it of your own volition 🙂

Get it here Last updated (22nd April 2007 10:50 GMT)

Installation Instructions

1.Unzip the tumbleweed-plugin zip file
2. FTP tumbleweed.php to your plugins directory
2.FTP the tumbleweed images directory to the root directory of your site or blog
if your blog is of the structure then you would put the images in the blog directory otherwise you’d put it in
3. Activate the plugin
4.Put this code in your sidebar (the file usually named sidebar.php) whereever you want your posts to appear.

<?php if (function_exists(show_tumbleweed)) {show_tumbleweed(); }?>

That’s it.

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What’s your tumbleweed ratio?

Just a bit of fun, let’s see you calculate your TR (tumbleweed rank) ratio and see what your score is.

TR? WTF am I on about?

 Well, how many times have you blogged on something and received less than 2 comments on your post? Why 2? Well, it might be you have a wife or a husband or a GF or a BF or a stalking loon who just happens to like anything you write and comments on anything and everything. If this is so, then sorry, but for the purposes of TR (tumbleweed rank) they just don’t count. Sure, so you may well have 2 adherents who love you bad and stuff, lucky or unlucky(dependant upon your view) you, most of us just have the one, or none even.

The measurement criterion is thus.

Count your last 3 months number of posts and then subtract the number of posts that were commented on. With the remainding number, calculate what this is as a percentage of your 3 month post rate.

If your % of non comment posts is less than 10% of your overall post rate then you are a TR1, 20% TR2,  30% TR3, etc  36%  would be a TR4 (rounded to the nearest multiple of 10)

So, in my case – Ive made 53 posts of which 23 received less than 2 comments. My blog therefore is currently TR4 (43.3% of my blog posts received no comments)

If you don’t have a big readership then the chances are you probably have had your fair share of no  response type blog posts. These might well have been savage rants brought on by some sub cerebal neurotic dysfunction, or the more likely scenario  might just be that your utterly crap post written with 1740’s pre georgian verve and panache, just failed to inspire. Perhaps they were the type of posts that just lost it, as in rambled on and on with no real point, other than the one you knew in your head, yet failed miserably to communicate to your readers.

Whatever the reason we’ve all made them, we’ve all heard that silent wind. If you have a TR of 5 or greater than I’d say that either you a) need to up your readership rate or b) need to seriously look at some of the stuff you are writing and make a big hmmn noise!

Cos I’m really sad, after easter I’m going to make a function that calculates it for you. I’ll release as the TR WP plugin 😀

It’ll have a little icon of some tumbleweed with a little face and a number. Just think,if you ever stumbled across a blog with TR5 or greater, then you could be a real sweetie and help them reduce their TR 😀 

Happy Easter all 🙂

Knowing your MyBlogLog Visitors

I’ve developed a little program that will give you a few extra metrics on your MyBlogLog visitors.

If you’d like to use it then just visit this url and follow the instructions.

Its pretty basic, but does offer a couple of features that MBL does not currently.Things like user pageviews, number of visits, last day visited, that kind of thing.

Its completely opt-in, you need to add some code on your webpages in order for it to work. It will only give you stats for visitors who have a mbl account and have opted for stat recording.

I’m going to add bits and pieces as times permits, eg allow non MBL users to sign up too, but in the meantime, feel free to have a look at it and use it.


If you notice any problems or experience any difficulties or would like to offer suggestions for improvement, then please feel free to share your viewpoint here.

I hope you like it and find it useful.

Update Numero 2:

If logical is equal to logical and logical is not equal to illogical then logical is not equal to illogical, else illogical is equal to true. 😀

Trust me, thats how it gets ya at times! Ive made a number of little tweaks that should make this whole thing perform a little more reliably. Can you believe that I was trying to stat people via a combination of IP address, useragents, MBL lookups and all that? Sheesh, not good. Ive adopted a cookie approach, which I should have done from the outset but for some reason couldn’t quite work it out and ended up going in little circuitous ever decreasing smack my head against the wall circles! Anyhow, I think I’ve cracked it now so we shall see.

If people don’t accept cookies then it won’t work, but I guess thats pretty academic cos mybloglog uses them too.

Ive got a little outstanding issue with regard to people having multiple websites in their mybloglog accounts. I have to adapt the parsing script to allow for that, and hope to do so soon.

That’ll do for now, EOB.

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