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Online Marketing Show Islington London

Online Marketing Show Islington London

I’m at the Online Marketing show at the business design centre in London Islington, doing.SEO Consultations.

I just so happened to attend a Universal search aka Blended search presentation by Neil McCarthy CMSO of Latitude Group.

Neil’s presentation was entertaining, Neil had a good take on what it is that is required to do well in search in 2008, that is, a knowledge and awareness of what it is that is making SERP front pages in 2008 – rich media, social media, news content etc.The message to the unconverted being that search engines today are trying very hard to give users diversity and choice within the search results. Knowledge and awareness of this is an obvious asset in any online marketing strategy.

I’m being introduced to all manner of people as I sit and type. Just had a nice conversation with a woman named Nickie who works for a Media agency. It’s surprising the number of people in Nickie’s industry who have a fab knowledge of the off line world and the various channels available to enagage yet when it comes to online have very little knowdledge around what is required to do the very same.

I’ve also just talked with someone named Liz from a recruitment company. Liz has worked with a search agency for some time it seems but just isn’t being returned for her target search terms. A cursory glance at her site revealed all manner of problems relative to on page and off page factors. It truly is astounding that so many companies are making these big online pushes from such relative positions of weakness. Companies, it would seem, are offering them the earth yet failing to provide the right guidance and help from the off. it seems that somethings never change. Still, maybe we can help her out there. Sales guys, we got a hot one for ya!!

Talking of hot, damn, it’s uncomfortably hot here. Why don’t these places use aircon? What is it with conferences and dome like greenhouse type buildings ?

Interesting day so far. Just off to listen to a competitor talk about…yup, you got it, search!

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8 thoughts on “Online Marketing Show Islington London

  1. Matt

    I love to attend such shows because they give an opportunity to meet people with excellent knowledge and experience. There was a lot of mess in my mind about “offline” and “online” SEO but with passage of time, I know now. We can learn from blogs and tutorials but shows are just like blessings and biggest resource of learning.

  2. BabyReviews

    It is great these sort of shows are on, Here in australia there was a business and it expo and everyone who designed a web was now an SEO expert, 1 person believed that because they had partnered with a streetdirectory site and made a landing page on that site then this was seo.. another brazenly admitted that he will sibmit my site to all search engines and google was the most important to do early.. last but not least was a young gen Y girl whose SEO package involved creating 100 pages of content, and the use of a Custom made CMS package. her website show navigation menus on the left and a h2 tag before a h1 tag and no keywords int the title. I cross my fingers not too many people are conned by them..

  3. Principle Oz

    I just recently learned what SEO is and how it could help my website. Your blog has been a good source of information on SEO related material, so I just stopped in to say thanks and keep up the good work.

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