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London SEO Beer and Heep Hop thang a microformat SERP test

London SEO Beer and Heep Hop thang a microformat SERP test

London SEO Geek fest

A night on the lash with search dudes and colleagues and friends and a lil beta heep hop and spinning of the wheels

So after reading Daves post at Latitude I’m now having a  quick play with microformats and while I was at it, I thought heck why not link to the London SEO thang and see if this gets picked up.

I’m thinking it mightn’t which is no big deal. but in any case if you are in London and love SEO then you should get yo ass down and listen to a perfect beat or two, and…
If you consider yourself to be a good DJ and would like to play a set, please ping Ciaran on twitter. We’re not looking for people to press play on their iPod, you’ll need to know how to Sphinn spin and mix old-school vinyl. No trance or weird shit please, some of us are old.
The key details:
Date: Monday 18th May 2009
Time: 7pm until late
Location: Jewel Bar 29-30 Maiden Lane, London, WC2E 7JS
(we’re in the “Blanca Bar” room)
Maps: [Google Maps] [Micro$oft Maps]
Nearest Station: Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Charing Cross are an easy walk away.
I’ll be there as will a few colleagues…meantime, I think I’ll leave you with a bit of this!

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