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Magazine Meme – Which ones do I read

Magazine Meme – Which ones do I read

QSP (quick short post)

New York SEO – Joe Whyte tagged me earlier on a ‘what magazine do you read’ meme. So in a spirit of yeah why notiness, I thought I’d take the time out and share.

I read a whole lot more online stuff these days, so don’t read half as much paper stuff as I once did. The last mag I read was New Media Age which is pretty good for search and tech stuff.  I occasionly read New Scientist as it has some interesting pieces that have a habit of getting me thinking about all manner of weird and wonderful things. I bought a copy of Mens Health the other week, as I had this mad idea to regain my abs, but thus far haven’t gotten too far on it. I’ll secretly read my sons copies of some  xbox360 games mag, just to check out really cool games like Command and Conquer and Gears of War, but other than that I’m no longer a real paper media dude.

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Rob Watts
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3 thoughts on “Magazine Meme – Which ones do I read

  1. Robyn

    Hi, Rob, I also have begun to enjoy reading more online than I did in past, espcially since I started to blog. Hey, thanks for the challenge. This one is fun!

  2. robwatts Post author

    Hi Robyn – yes its a whole lot easier than traipsing down to the shops and buying a big old bundle of paper! J/K of course there isn’t any substitute for the feel of a book, or a mag especially if your are on a train, in the garden, in bed, in the bath etc.

    Do you remember the days when mobile computing first became popular – little PDA readers and pc tablets and things like that were vaunted as potential paper media replacements, it never happened off course, and hopefully never will.

    Hmmn suddenley feeling drawn towards a spot of sun and a read.. 😀

  3. Robyn

    I’m with you Rob. A great book or mag on a plane trip fills the niche I need to think about new areas or simply relax. If I really want to dig into a book I like to write in it, too.

    Think we’re on the same page here, Rob.

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