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Self promo’s – f**k off!

Self promo’s – f**k off!

Don’t do it guys.

I’ve had an awful day – Herein follows a little rant.

I don’t mind viagra spammers or phram or casino spammers. I can filter them out. I have a little math thing that blocks them its useful and sometimes its even mildly amusing.

Self promo spammers, I don’t like them. Especially the kind who think Im some kind of thick fucking idiot who doesn’t recognise a link drop at 600 paces. I am not thick!

If you have built something that you like, then great I’m really pleased for you.

Please though, before you comment on one of my posts, please please please make sure that your comment is at the very least germane to the topic. Where it isn’t then please, just don’t bother, I will not post it, i will not promote you. Its fuckin rude, don’t do it.

I’m really not interested in posts that just self promote. Sure, i get that you are proud of what you’ve done and think its the best thing since sliced bread, but trust me, real gems are rare. They don’t pop up all over the shop, kick arse cool takes hard work and effort. Don’t think that a mere recreation of what’s already been done is going to cut it and make me, or anybody else for that matter, think wow, a same ol same ol tool that offers nothing, how cool – it aint gonna happen.

It’s just not good etiquette. Don’t waste your time ever, not ever please. Cos, here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to place a link to this very post at the end of each blog post, you know the part; where the comments section begins.

If anyone doesn’t take the time to read it and subsequently has the temerity to link drop and discuss their 3rd rate I’ve seen it all before offers nothing, absolutely nothing at all to the mix type tool or url, then be advised that I might (note the might word here, I do have better things to do too), just might blog about you. I’ll provide your email address, no link or reference to your site or moody tool/url and basically lambast your arse to kingdom come.

Thanks, sincerely

p.s If I think you are just after a link evident by anchor text and you happen to be a 1st time commenter who isn’t saying very much then I’ll remove the link to your URL. Don’t be offended mind, if you stick around enough and contribute a little I might decide that you are a nice so and so and allow subsequent links to stand. IOW, don’t blatantly game me 🙂

Rob Watts
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6 thoughts on “Self promo’s – f**k off!

  1. Zenny

    funny. this rant feels like it’s just after the digg vote by being down on link bait spam. kind of pathetic. of course my words here will probably not see the light of day. i too am not in favor of out-and-out self promotion… but I’m not going to make a big deal of it, unlike this diatribe. besides, your ‘blog’ is basically boring anyway… I doubt I’d be interested in leaving a link here, haha.

  2. robwatts Post author

    Hey – Im really happy for you. Glad you felt motivated enough to comment on my ‘boring’ blog.

    I did you the honour of removing your link from your title though, especially as you aren’t so interested in a link from here. 😀


  3. zenny

    Ya know, I had a pretty bad day yesterday as well. Let’s just agree to disagree or something on this subject, shall we? Your blog isn’t that bland, yadda yadda.


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