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Latitude SEO

Latitude SEO

Latitude are Hiring SEO  People

Are you looking for an SEO role? Latitude are hiring in London and Warrington for SEO’s and PPC experts.

I wrote a post here a while back when we were looking for SEO people in London. We did well then and found someone pretty awesome!  Today, we are looking to add to the team! I don’t have a job spec to hand, but do feel free to email cv’s to

The role in London is  a relatively junior role, although we wouldn’t turn away a more experienced head.

Your role as a Latitude SEO will cover all aspects of managing day to day campaigns for all types of businesses.

You’ll work with some of the best in the business  ( so you’ll learn boat loads) and we’ll even pay you a salary too.

* Disclaimer : I’m> I was employed by Latitude and do a bit of SEO.

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