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Laptop Computers – Sony Vaio AR21

Laptop Computers – Sony Vaio AR21

I’m thinking of getting a new laptop soon. The machine I’m using at the moment is a HP Pavilion zx5000 which for reasons related to a dodgy power jack inlet means that its no longer portable! Yup, thats right its positioned in a certain way but if I move it then something goes wrong and it turns itself off! Ive had it repaired, but by all accounts its a common fault and has since gone wrong again. Shame on HP to not fessing up though, the product is IMO quite clearly flawed, and at the purchase price of £1300 when I bought it I expected it to last longer than what it did…anyways, I’ll never buy a HP product again.

sonyvaioar21.gifI quite like the look of the Sony Vaio AR21. From reading various reviews it looks pretty slick and is well equipped.It has a Blue-ray high definition DVD writer which enables you to save 50gb files to dvd. Could be handy for taking a lot of films away on say an 11 hour flight trip to some far flung place. It has a nice high resolution wide screen too. Reading the spec it also has something called HDMI out which means that you can view HD footage and films on HD compatible TV’s, a slight concern on this is that it doesn’t enable you to view mp4s which could be an issue when saving files for the boys psp, but maybe I misread the Blue ray disclaimer. Its good for gaming too, so my son will enjoy nicking it off me, so maybe that isn’t such a good aspect of it after all. It boasts the latest NVIDIA Geforce Go Graphics processor meaning that it’ll handle some of the most process intensive games out there and should be able to keep up with things for some time to come. Will be damn handy for me too, especially when Im using photoshop or fireworks to knock up a graphic or two. The one immediate drawback is that its fairly pricey at between £1800-00 and £2000-00 a pop although these guys are knocking it out at less than £1500-00, but if it lasts and speeds up productivity then it could well be worth it. It also has everything you’d expect from a top of the range product in its class. Lots of room for expansion by way of slots. Big fat 100gb hard drive, 2 gig of ram, 2Ghz processer, bluetooth, firewire, 256mb of video ram, supports various cards too, meaning I wont have to buy new ones (SD Memory Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo) and its not that weighty too, just 3.8kg, thats just over 8lb or 4 bags of sugar for the imperialists amongst you.

Sony Vaio AR21 Specs

  • Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T7200 (2.00 GHz and 667 MHz FSB) and Intel® Pro/Wireless 802.11a/b/g
  • Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 (English version), Windows Vista™ Capable and Premium Ready*
  • 200 GB Serial ATA 5400rpm hard disk drive (2 x 100 GB, RAID 0 and 1 supported)
  • 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM (2 x 1024 MB), maximum 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • 17″ WUXGA (1920 x 1200) widescreen X-black LCD with double lamp technology
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7600 GT with 256MB dedicated Video Memory
  • Blu-ray Disc™ Drive (up to 50 GB of storage)
  • Hybrid TV Tuner & remote control
  • Built-in ‘Motion Eye’ Digital Camera (30 frames per second, 0.37 Mega Pixels) with Motion Picture Function (max. resolution (pixels) VGA/640*480/raw data) and built-in microphone
  • Hi-gloss black finish; UK QWERTY keyboard

If you were considering a new laptop, then what would you buy? What do you use currently, why did you buy it?

Rob Watts
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2 thoughts on “Laptop Computers – Sony Vaio AR21

  1. Hawaii SEO

    My employer issued me a Dell Latitude D610 over a year ago. The thing is almost bullet proof.

    I also have a cool Docking station/Monitor stand where I plug the laptop in, and the Docking station/Monitor stand is already hooked up to all the other devices like the monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. I’ve grown to love everything about it.

    Everyone in the office has a setup like this. No one has ever had a problem that I’m aware of. If I could have any laptop I wanted, I would likely stick with Dell & get the docking station.

  2. robwatts Post author

    Yes, I’ve seen and used those docking station set ups in the past, damn handy.

    I just read a review of that machine here.


    Quite portable (5.4 lbs with DVD drive, 12.44×10.3×1.5 inches)
    Excellent build quality — very solid feel with nice keyboard
    Very fast & responsive system
    Decent SXGA screen
    4 USB ports


    Terrible audio through the headphone jack — noticeable hiss
    Fan is always on
    Slight electrical buzz with attached USB devices
    Physical switch for wireless would have been nice
    A little thicker than comparable notebooks

    Seems like a good buy too, not overly expensive either. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

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