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Kontera – Blog monetisation via contextual links

Kontera – Blog monetisation via contextual links

Quick short post. As part of this blogs monetisation experiment, Ive decided to trial Kontera. Visitors will notice that there are double underlined links which feature a little advert when a cursor is placed over an identified link.

Generally, I think they are fairly unobtrusive and most savvy users should notice a differentiation between normal links and these advert type links. An example of a typical ad can be seen below.

Im using the <div class=KonaBody> tag to ensure that its only my blog posts that are affected in this way. I don’t think its right that my commenters comments should be used in this way, so rest assured that whatever you say will not be advertisizied!

I’ll report back in 6 weeks or so and let people know how things progressed.

Rob Watts
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10 thoughts on “Kontera – Blog monetisation via contextual links

  1. robwatts Post author

    Hiya Matt – I’m kinda 50/50 on it at the moment – sometimes I find myself wincing a little when I see an important word thats hyperlinked to something thats not really that germane to the topic…thuse far a low ctr too, but hey its a tech blog, I have tech savvy readers its inevitable I guess – will certainly be adding it to other blogs too.

    If you have the traffic in the right kind of niche then I think it could be a good thing

    ps. why is your avatar so huge? I think I might need to go edit this plugin 😉

  2. Matt Ellsworth

    I have no idea why I have such a huge avatar… lol… but i figured thats the way it showed up… heck I don’t even remember where it gets the avatar from…

    on the site i run it on – we seem to get about 5 cents per click – but that site is a site with 20,000 receipes on it – so I don’t think its really all that high paying keywords.

    I took it off the article directory because many people thought that it meant that their articles were endorsing those things.

  3. robwatts Post author

    Its from your mybloglog account Matt Ellsworth

    Although, Ive no idea why it isnt being resized.

    Thanks for sharing the info regarding recipes. 5 cents isn’t too bad at all in that sphere.

    I hear you on the article front too. I use a div tag to stop comments being konteraized, the last thing I want is my commenters to think that I’m monetising their efforts so blatantly 😀

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  5. robwatts Post author

    Ok just a little heads up on this.

    I think Kontera is great, but like most programs you need the right audience and the right levels and types of traffic.

    For now at least, no more Kontera on this blog.

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