Just another iphone blogpost? Yeah probably

iphone – do you want one?

Everyone is talking about the apple iphone it seems.

According to technorati there are currently

245,603 blog posts about iphone

That’s a lot of people talking about a product that’s just recently been launched.

I watched an ebay auction the other day and this iphone went for $1099.00 USD that’s like 500 quid at todays exchange rates.

So what is it about this thing? Why is it such an ‘iwant’ item?  Engadget   say that its been one of the most hyped items of 2007. Robert Scoble is seemingly amazed reporting how stores in SF are sold out. 

The whole gig reminds me a little of the wii phenomenum over here in the UK. When the wii was launched everyone wanted one. The seductive little tunes and raindrop like clicks and flicks, the cute little round headed smiley guys and girls, that whole fluid movement of the players and the killer idea of gaming physically, as in  jumping around your bedroom or sitting room in your pants playing tennis or baseball had a big appeal. The reality of course was a bit of a let down, but hey I’m a big satisfy me kid at heart with needs that need gratifying. My son thought it sucked eventually too, so we traded it up for an xbox360.

In other words, the representation did not live up to the reality.

Nothing new there eh? Thats generally how advertising works. Sells you an idea, taps into your emotions gets you all excited then fails to deliver.

Whilst I think it looks kinda cool, (a little like the 80gb video ipod I bought recently) I’m very sure that for me its just not one of those ‘oh I must have items’ .I like to think I’m past that whole ‘oh I gotta have one’ thing, I’m nearly 39 FFS! Yet, if I thought for one moment that it would negate the need to carry around multiple items, then on a practical level I might be convinced.

Its a poor example, I’m sure there are better but I’ve got to say that when I head off out on my bike to burn up a few miles, it is a little bit of a pain having to take a little backpack just so I can carry my phone and ipod and reading book. A gadget that would let me be contactable, allow me to listen to music and read a book on say amazon in pdf format, whilst sweated up panting in some obscure field in the middle of nowhere on some bright sunny day could certainly have its pluses , oh and lets not forget  built in GPS for when I get lost too, oh no wait it doesn’t quite have that yet, thats’ not due until 2008.

I’m sure I’ll have a device like this one day. If money were no object then yeah I might even make a vanity purchase, but for now I think I might just survive without it.

What about you? Will you be getting one of these things? Are you a gadget dude or dudette?

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